Wip # 17 pmc

I have the impression that a large majority of us are not clear about how it works and how to win with wmemo, much less how much and how it has been won or lost, so tutorial support would be useful. I say this because it was proposed and approved in a minority way (according to the number of voters) that the overshoots be stopped, arguing that they have no use, “ONLY IN CASE OF HAVING AN UPWARD TREND”… (perhaps it is not is that what we bet on?) Then I say if those of us who invested hopeful at that time and of course with all the overshoots that we would have by then… today that it has already been decided to stop, what awaits us, or perhaps those who voted for please stop the overtaking, they know something that we don’t,

Sure. A few simple steps to farm with wMEMO:



Once your wMEMO is staked you will start farming tokens. To transfer these tokens to your wallet, click HARVEST.

Harvesting requires a transaction so it will cost gas fees every time. No need to harvest too often. Rather harvest at strategic periods.

The APR is based on the wMEMO price, the price of the asset(s) being distributed and how many assets are being distributed (refilled on a weekly basis).

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