[WIP #21] - Multisig Additions

[WIP #21] - Multisig Additions

Due to Dani's announcement of resignation and his team's intention of moving off the multisig, it is of the utmost importance to onboard trusted and neutral parties.

Scope: This proposal will layout the transition for the Wonderland multisigs, or transfer to a new multisig address where appropriate.

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Objective: Add signers to the ETH Gnosis multisig and transfer sidechain assets to new multisigs containing the proposed new signers with the remaining 2 current signers.

High Level Overview: Dani and his team want to take a step back from Wonderland and ensure everything is transferred over properly to trusted individuals with neutral signers as backup. This proposal provides direction on who the signers will be.

Low Level Details:

Proposed additions are:

  • SkyHopper (previous TM and signer)
  • Dafacto (as neutral signer, Head of Product at Aurora, long time community member)
  • One trusted member to be added later by the multisig members. Will be internally doxxed and neutral.

The multisig will require majority vote (3/5). This means the majority have to sign together, protecting against potential bad actors or mistakes. Absolute trust of any given individual is not required.

Current signers to remain:

  • Nal X
  • Yaksha

If passed the new signers will be added to ETH Gnosis. Assets on other chains will be sent to new multisigs controlled by the proposed signers.


My name Is The Ferengi and I approve this message!


I’m interested in knowing what criteria determines a neutral signer.


Rigorously defining it would be cumbersome. What a reasonable person would consider neutral. A reputable DeFi name with high ranking status on a large project (e.g. Dafacto). Neutral signers don’t typically sign or execute transactions, they are there as a failsafe in case other members are incapacitated or unavailable.


Make it so. Lets improve our multisig much needed :heart:


Am obviously all for this. We need to take it forward.


Already looking alot more solid! Good work guys.


Yes I agree. Lets keep moving forward. I’m very happy with the way everything is going


It’s nice to have, respected throughout the industry - eponymous individuals, guarding your funds.


Voting has now closed for WIP #21.

The proposal for Multisig Additions passed with 99.99% of votes in favor!