[WIP #23] - Multifarm Analytics Partnership - Treasury Dashboard Development

[WIP #23] - Multifarm Analytics Partnership - Treasury Dashboard Development

Multifarm Analytics Partnership - Treasury Dashboard Development

Multifarm is proposing to build an in-depth public-facing treasury dashboard and become an analytics partner of Wonderland.

Link to previous discussions:
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The goal is to optimize transparency surrounding treasury assets and to empower investors to understand the fundamentals better, thereby, increasing investor confidence and a better onboarding experience.

Provide a High-Level Overview:

The proposed partnership will follow a multistage process. The first of which will include the development of sophisticated data visualization on treasury metrics for community and potential investors. After the treasury dashboard is completed we can help out with the dApp rework - however, the scope/timeline will be specified in a separate proposal. Multifarm will also offer joint marketing efforts.

We will showcase the productive assets in the treasury and optimize strategies around them, with that, providing clear stats on performance that can be shared with the community in the brand identity of Wonderland. Furthermore, the dashboard will transparently illustrate all the information around quarterly redemptions, providing investors with clear information on how to proceed.

Provide Low-Level Details:

Describe more specifically individual components of the subject, focus on the details and present information in a structured way to help the community understand the proposal.

  • Develop a custom treasury dashboard
    • Multifarm will take care of the full design, frontend, and backend development of the dashboard. After which, the management can easily be handed over to the Wonderland team. Any changes required can be made by the Wonderland team through an internal login. Mulitfarm can easily add any other features required in the future.
    • The development will follow 3 phases
      • Design Phase (1 week) (5k USD)
      • Dashboard Development - Frontend (1-2 weeks) (20k USD)
      • Dashboard Development - Backend (2 weeks) (25k USD)
    • Total: 50k USD - (4-5 Weeks)
  • Offer co-marketing efforts.
    • Twitter thread, Discord posts, AMAs, and Medium Articles, for example.
    • We believe in creating a long-lasting relationship with partners in the space and will endeavour to contribute to that relationship & spread awareness.
  • Helping with dApp revamp
    • Requires separate proposal
    • Further details included as a comment in the [DAO Discussion] post

Summary of the value proposition:

Everything is listed in one place in full detail, including treasury assets, yield farming, strategies and wMEMO metrics. This benefits both the team and the community who can easily find the important information needed to make decisions related to treasury and governance.

  • 100% Transparency, enabling a more streamlined decentralized treasury management procedure
  • Immediate overview of treasury use and transactions (important given that the majority of investors cannot read etherscan or blockchain).
  • Education for the Community (explaining concepts of wMEMO, Redemptions, liquid-/backing prices, etc.)
  • Allows the community a deeper understanding of the protocol and its fundamentals
  • Regular updated presentations of revenues/volumes/redemptions, etc.
  • Visualization of the entire ecosystem around Wonderland
  • Clarity of returns from yield farming and other investments. With the help of Multifarm yield farming data feeds

Business and/or technical requirements for the implementation of the proposal:

Multifarm will hand over the control of the backend-login upon completion of the dashboard. We will provide the core team with a self-service login, so they can manage their strategies themselves. Our infrastructure is built on Kubernetes and hosted on AWS with very high up-time.
For any additional work, someone from the Multifarm team can do it on behalf of Wonderland (editing the strategies, adding more changes to the dashboard, etc.) and we can charge by the dev hour for anything required.

Payment Terms:

The initial fee of $5,000 is charged upfront to cover the Design phase upfront. After which the remainder of $45,000, for the FE ($20,000) and BE ($25,000) phases, is invoiced on completion and delivery of the respective phases. Payment in MIM/USDC/DAI or any other stablecoin of preference.

Once Wonderland has a legal entity, we are happy to sign an SLA stating some more specifics about deliverables and costs in the agreement between Multifarm and Wonderland.

Snapshot link:

Voting options:

  • Yes, hire Multifarm
  • Male no changes

Can we get some more technical details?

How will the dashboard track WL’s holdings?
Which holdings can it track?
Which can it not track?
Where do assets have to be traded for the dashboard to get a market price?
Under which circumstances will we not get proper pricing?

How will the dashboard track assets like our CTA holdings that aren’t being publicly traded yet?

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50k is a lot. I would prefer to see 1-2 weeks for the design phase and 1 week for front end, 2 weeks back end. I would like to see which members of the tech/comms/design team from the wonderland side will be involved in the design/discovery phase and then have them publish some keynotes.


I will let @Rubo_Multifarm.fi give a more detailed answer, but in the meantime, I believe the dashboard will track everything tracked by Multifarm automatically.

If what we used is already tracked by them, it will be added automatically. My understanding is that we will also have the ability to add addresses manually for those that arent tracked by Multifarm.

In the case of CTA, it doesnt exist, so it cant really be tracked. However, once it does, if not tracked automatically, we should be able to add it manually.

Well let Rubo handle the price talk. I thought he had already answered this somewhere, but csnt seem to find it.


As I mentioned in DD phase I’d like to see agreement formalized and signed by both entities. Maybe our doxed RO can sign on behalf of WL dao.


#0 Can we get some more technical details?

Sure, happy to answer your questions!

#1 How will the dashboard track WL’s holdings?

We are gathering on-chain data from several blockchains. We are leveraging a mix of data sources like publicly available APIs as well as direct blockchain data extraction (both ABI + Subgraphs). We have now integrated 300+ protocols to the Multifarm platform itself, which we will also leverage for this dashboard.

#2 Which holdings can it track?

We support all EVM chains + Solana + Some from the cosmos eco (e.g. Osmosis).

#3 Which can it not track?

We have 99.9% coverage of all assets, since we aggregate a bunch of different data sources. If in any case it cannot be tracked, we also offer the option to add assets manually and select a price feed of choice to it (e.g. Coingecko, Geckoterminal, Covalent, etc.).

#4 Where do assets have to be traded for the dashboard to get a market price?

Really on any DEX/CEX or alternatively you could also add a manual price to it. We also have the ability to add new price feeds if needed.

#5 Under which circumstances will we not get proper pricing?

As mentioned above we support most of the assets out there plus the ability to add own price feeds/leverage existing ones, so we can include all of the assets.

#6 How will the dashboard track assets like our CTA holdings that aren’t being publicly traded yet?

We can also add “off-chain” assets, like for example vested assets or seed allocations. Where you can just conveniently add those via backend login and attach a price/valuation to it.

Also, to wrap this up, all the assets get auto detected and automatically mapped with the respective APR from our yield explorer. There shouldn’t be much manual work. Only if you want to add off-chain assets and such, your team would login in the backend and add those manually with a few clicks.

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We have no problem with signing a service agreement.

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Hi Malaise, let me quote a pervious answer. Also, we will work closely with the Wonderland team on this and also gather feedback from the community.

The timeline has to be that way, since it’s a complex SW development project. Here the quote:

I know it has a price tag but let me explain you why. So, the project scope is behind the Dashboard is quite big, we are building a top tier premium product to match the prestige of Wonderland.
I’ll map out some points to support:

a) This project needs a whole data extraction layer from the blockchain and setup that comes with it (e.g. APR data on all strategies, holdings, etc.)

b) After that we need a whole backend infrastructure to manage this amount of data and make calculations (Also have access to historical APR for all strategies)

c) Being able to support all possible and future farming strategies out there and add them to the dashboard
d) Program various endpoints to make the data available and be able to plot graphs (which are protected via API Key)

e) Program a “CMS” to give the team access to be able to configure their graphs, label the positions and plot individual graphs

f) The whole design and frontend part will also take same good amount of time as well as connecting the endpoints with the graphs

g) Testing! (Not to be forgotten, for any major SW Development project, usually this doubles your ETA for shipping as we want to be thorough)
-You need someone who takes “ownership” in a process like this. It’s not only about SW Development, but also a big coordination effort. We need a professional project management setup, communicate with the core team, coordinate the devs, etc. For this we need some senior devs who take accountability and ship in time.

-The hiring market for blockchain talent is extremely competitive. Probably the most scarce talent pool across all industries. Especially, if you need developers it’s extremely hard to find good talent. Also don’t forget the hiring cost and wage cost associated with smart contract developers. Alone the hiring process probably would easily take a few more weeks to pull a project like this and have the right team.

-I think this project is too important to make an “intern project” out of it. We feel Wonderland wants to move fast in the development. This will be a major step towards investors transparency, people understanding the project and also making it attractive for other DAOs. The cost for this project will probably be a few days of farming with the treasury to make up the cost. Additionally, Multifarm also helps to increase the farming returns/risk management here as well.

-The whole project is relatively final. We are building it in a way that it will be configurable by the team and new strategies can be just added by themselves. The whole idea is to ship a ready product, which then can be maintained by the team in the backend and configured to their needs! So new graphs can be added automatically and don’t require assistance from Multifarm (but of course we are available if you need us ).

I do appreciate your point as these discussions are important to get a full understanding of the reasoning behind finite price points. Hope this aids in fostering an approving perspective


Link to snapshot vote:

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Voting has now closed for WIP #23.

The proposal for Multifarm Treasury Dashboard Development did not pass.