[WIP #24] - Transition WL Tech and Add Team Member

[WIP #24] - Transition WL Tech and Add Team Member

This formally requests transfer over of all Wonderland Tech and Docs to the elected Team. It also empowers the Team Lead, Alice, to make team changes. We want to add Catalyst to help with the tech transition.

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Transition over all tech and docs access from the outgoing team to the current elected team. Formally grant Alice the ability to add and remove from the team so long as such changes do not incur cost.

Provide a High Level Overview:
Our tech group is stepping away with Dani and we need to complete a handover of all pertinent tech and docs. This proposal facilitates that with the addition of Catalyst to the elected team. He is a long time community member that has been assisting with server security, bots, and operating the 3rd party site frogs.army. Reasonable funds will be available from the multisig to contract out work he is unable to handle in house. Alice is formally empowered to hire or fire team members that incur no cost to the DAO.

Provide Low Level Details:
Dani and our technical team have decided to step back from Wonderland. Three important items contained in this proposal will assist in a smooth transition of departing members areas of responsibilities.

  1. Allow Alice to make changes to the Team which incur no additional cost to the DAO with a prior minimum 48 hour notification to the community via an announcement.

  2. Provide authorization and access to improve, troubleshoot, or otherwise make changes to all official Wonderland tech and documentation.

  3. Catalyst, a longtime community member who helps with server bots, security, and runs the Wonderland tracking website frogs.army, is joining the Team to assist in house here.

Catalyst has the app dev and tech stack experience we need to ensure a smooth transition of key DAO items from departing technical team members. The current elected Team will share the cost burden to compensate the added member.

Payments for any external contracted work are expected to be within industry competitive range. They shall not exceed $10,000 per month, and will get authorized by the multisig without a DAO vote.

Any payments outside of regular recurring costs will be communicated to the DAO via announcement when they are made.

A couple examples of a potential contract work items would be modification of revenue share to add additional tokens or smart contracts.

If further funds are needed beyond the $10,000 per month limit a proposal will be put forth.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
Will require transfer over of tech and docs from the outgoing team.

Snapshot link:

Voting options:

  • Yes, implement the proposal
  • Make no changes

This is a natural progression in becoming a DAO - all for it !


Keeping things moving, power to the frogs.


Let’s get this moving


Let’s get this to snapshot vote so we can start putting Catalyst to lifetime of slavery!


Let’s do it @NalX :smirk: :man_technologist:t4:


When vote already?? :joy:


Prepare for the next when where I’ll be asking for backpay :joy::joy::joy:


You have signed the contract with the devil, you will get your pay for eternity of slavery ser

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Link to snapshot vote:

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Voting has now closed for WIP #24.

The proposal to Transition WL Tech and Add Team Member has passed, with 99.88% of votes in favor!

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