[WIP #30] - Appointment of Operations Officer

[WIP #30] - Appointment of Operations Officer


Appoint an Operations Officer (OO) as defined in WIP #28.


Appoint an OO to ensure that all operations are documented in detail, conducted efficiently, and with the utmost transparency. To provide support to all departments, ensure that they are working together effectively and assure the authenticity and relevance of all information before reaching out to the community and overseeing the protocol’s councils.

Link to previous discussion:
[RFC] - Appointment of Operations Officer
Call Letter - Operations Officer



High Level Overview:

This proposal presents the candidates for the Operations Officer position in order for the DAO to make an informed vote.

The applicants are:

Low Level Details:

Applications are linked in the RFC post.

For those who missed the AMA, you can listen to the event recording here.

Recording on SoundCloud:

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:

Appointed OO will be added to the required group chats to ensure proper communication and efficient work.


Voting is now LIVE for [WIP #30] - Appointment of Operations Officer.

Please be sure to cast your vote!

Voting has now closed for WIP #30.

[WIP #30] - Appointment of Operations Officer has selected @Bamchicka as Wonderland’s new OO, with 51.69% of votes in favor!

Congratulations and welcome to the Wonderland team!

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