[WIP #31] - Multisig Enhancement

[WIP #31] - Multisig Enhancement


The goal of this proposal is to modify the current multisig appointed in [WIP #21].

  • Modify the multisig members based on legal consultation.
  • Improve the multisig efficiency.

Previous Discussion:

[RFC] - Multisig Enhancement

High Level Details:

As a result of WIP #28 and WIP #30, five officers have been appointed to Wonderland Core Team.

As a recommendation to reduce liability on core team members, they should not hold another sensitive position to the protocol’s security.

It is also recommended that Wonderland refrains from publicly doxing the individuals participating in the multisig, as it is not a paid position and the DAO does not cover potential security issues nor the costs to limit the risks that may arise due to this role.

Provide Low Level Details:

In order to achieve the objectives above, here is what is being proposed:

  • Remove @NalX from the multisig
  • Will be removed after the new signers have been added.
  • Add two new members to the multisig
  • One neutral party and one community member with no official or unofficial role in Wonderland (e.g. officers, treasury operators, moderators).
  • Keep the multisig requiring three signatures to execute transactions (3/6).
  • This aims at improving execution time while sacrificing limited security.

The team has already identified two additions experienced in working with a multisig. One of them has extensive knowledge that will be useful to create complex transactions when required. This is something that current signers could not always cover and had to ask the Technical Officer for assistance. Both can read and verify the needed information, are diligent and active daily. Activity times (timezone) overlap with existing signers, so establishing an organized structure with an additional member will ensure fast and frictionless execution times.

Before anyone is added to the multisig, they will be internally doxxed to the Operations Officer.

The Operations and Financial Officer will do a preliminary verification of their identities and background and make sure they are not affiliated with other protocols that would create a conflict of interest. A more thorough verification and background check will be completed by a firm hired on behalf of Wonderland.

The personal information of the signers will be encrypted and given to our legal firm, together with the decryption key, for additional security and accountability.

These changes will improve the efficiency of the multisig, which is currently sub-optimal, while adding another layer of security and keeping identities protected.

Business and/or technical requirements

If this passes, the new members will be doxxed through the process mentioned above and added to all multisig and communication channels after verification from the legal firm. Once it is done, Nal X will be removed. This process will start after onboarding with the legal company is finished and we are officially clients.


Thank you for your service, @NalX. :vulcan_salute:


Voting has now closed for [WIP #31].

[WIP #31] - Multisig Enhancement was denied.

A new version of this proposal will be drafted to apply feedback received from voters.