[WIP #5] – Offer a Rage Quit Option to wMEMO holders

Sorry, I could have explained that better. Once the interface to redeem your part of the treasury is up. You’ll be able to trade your wMEMO for MIM there.

As far as I know, the price should be the same for everyone who rage quit. So if backing is 38k per wMEMO, everyone would get an amount based on that. No fluctuation.


Once we have the MIM in our wallet, can we exchange that for stablcoin like usdt?

MIM is a stablecoin, but yes, you can switch it.

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Sorry if this has been published but I can’t find it above: when will the redemption option go live on the web page? I thought today was the day. Is today just the end of whitelisting or was that extended again? An ERD would be great.

Today was just the white list. WIP says this:

Oh, perfect. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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@matjai on this point, we agree. We have been reduced to “investing by committee”… which is so out of synch with crypto-economics that it’s like walking from LA to Chicago because you forgot your running shoes.

Is there going to be an announcement or something when the refund is available?

There should be, yes.

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Wonderland.Money (@Wonderland_fi)
The whitelist for WIP 5 is now closed.

The treasury is being prepared for the upcoming redemption.

Addresses which voted on WIP 5.2 to join the whitelist will be able to use the Rage Quit mechanism once it goes live.

Twitter•Today at 9:04 AM

Announcement on RageQuit option

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I say, good riddance to those who voted out. Let’s go

It has been more than 48 hours since the RQ whitelist ended, as per the proposal a redemption should have been put out by now, any updates?


I was wondering if anyone else token’s disappeared from their wallets after they select yes? Is this what is supposed to happen?

I voted yes, but changed my mind. I want to stay invested in the project. What happens in a situation such as this? Do I keep holding and ignore the rage quit window?

What is going on? Where is “portal”? Its been far over 48h and still nothing, nobody says anything officially, this project and people are so lazy why would anyone with 2 brain cells stay here, just give me my money i dont wanna think about this sh ever again in my life

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No. Looks snowtrace to see of your wallet was compromised and funds transferred out.

If you need help, try the support chat on Discord or make a support post here on the forum.

Dont trust DMs.

@DarkandDefiant125 nothing. Just don’t cash out when the portal opens.

And before someone asks me, no we don’t have an official time of when it will go live.

@everyone The wonderland multisig prepared the treasury for the rage quit proposal.

wonderland.money has been updated with a new rage quit UI.

Whitelisted participants will be able to redeem their wMEMO against the calculated backing price ($37,135) -10% in MIM tokens

The rage quit window will remain open for 72 hours to allow sufficient time for everyone that is whitelisted to claim their share of the treasury.

After 72 hours of the Rage Quit Window opening, the contract will close and a 24 hour transition period will start to allow the multi sig and development team to restart trading and add all liquidity.

Discussed WIP #5:
WIP #5.1:
WIP #5.2: Rage Quit Whitelist
Access Rage Quit here:

We have noticed external projects developing alternative solutions for users who choose to rage quit, offering additional deals for WL rage quitters!
Find out more here👇🏼

For assistance please comment on this post:

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WIP has been closed to focus potential issues on the Support post:

Post Rage Quit - Unofficial “Announcement”
Keep in mind everything I say below may or may not represent what the team/other mods believe, hence the “Unofficial”. For any complaint, please make your way to the #blame-sfiu Discord :bigbrain:

With Rage Quit (RQ) closing nearly 24h ago, here are some information some of you may be interested in.

  • WIP 5.2 allowed for 6063.029671 wMEMO to be whitelisted for RQ. This translate to around 202,635,546 MIM.
  • Out of those whitelisted. 5638.830811 wMEMO were swapped, which resulted of a total payout of around 188,458,183 MIM.

It has been a rough couple months, but with the Rage Quit coming to an end, it is time to leave the FUD behind and start looking towards the future.

Wonderland’s (WL) goal has always been to help frogs financially by pooling resources and working together as a giant of the industry. By doing so, WL is able to get investment opportunities not available to the common frog. While some investments have been made, it is clear that our goal is still far from being reached.

If you are still here, what ever the reason may be, it is now time for the beginning of a new chapter. Like every good story, we will need a build up period and some character development. We all wish we could go straight to the moon, but the reality is it’s not that simple. WL has been (and still is) heavily affected by external and internal damage. Unfortunately, repairing that damage is not a 24h process.

We understand the frustration, we are all down bad, we all have questions, we all wished communication was better, we all wish things would get done faster, we are all frustrated.

WL is bigger than all of us. This project may have started with the founders, but WL is bigger than them now, it’s bigger than us. This project always had a lot of potential, but now we have the potential to make an ever bigger impact. If we want that Netflix documentary, we need to get this rabbit back in the hole and ensure every single frog here can live happily ever after.

“Wen all gets taken down opportunity arises from the hashes and new leaders see beauty/hope in the middle of the broken hearts and buildings.”

Together we are one.