[WIP #8] - Defining Dani's Role at Wonderland


Daniele has continuously used his experience and expertise in DeFi to lead and push the protocol forward as well as grow and find investments that benefit the protocol. This proposal is an opportunity for the community to officially outline Daniele’s role and responsibilities at Wonderland. Daniele should continue to incorporate his ideas and vision of Wonderland with oversight of official community election.

In the spirit of becoming more organized as a DAO, and just as we officially voted in Sifu in [WIP #1], and later SkyHopper with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, so shall we vote for our leadership positions, including Daniele Sesta, as Co-Founder & Chief Strategist of Wonderland.

Link to previous [DAO Discussion] and [RFC] thread:
[DAO Discussion] Defining Dani’s Role at Wonderland - #31
[RFC] Defining Dani's Role at Wonderland

Link to Snapshot poll for the proposal:


Objective: Daniele Sesta’s role at Wonderland should be to benefit Wonderland. This proposal’s objective is to create a clear outline for Daniele’s role and responsibilities.

Provide Low Level Details:

Daniele’s Role and Responsibilities as Co-Founder & Chief Strategist:

1. Continue in his leadership role as Chief Strategist of Wonderland

Daniele is the co-founder of Wonderland and has played a significant role in growing the community, protocol, and treasury. With his extensive expertise and popularity in the DeFi space, continuing to use these skills to benefit Wonderland is of utmost importance. As Leader and chief strategist, we hold Daniele to a high standard and look towards his Leadership and vision for Wonderland.

2. Seek out investment opportunities beneficial for Wonderland and present them to the community and/or Treasury Manager.

As Co-founder and Chief strategist, a core responsibility of Daniele is to seek out the very best investment opportunities for Wonderland and bring them forward to the treasury manager and community

However, as outlined in [WIP #7], Daniele Sesta is to advise and strategize in conjunction with the elected Treasury Manager, SkyHopper. This includes NO unilateral usage of Wonderland treasury funds.

2.1 Disagreement with Treasury Manager
Use of the treasury should not be made without the Treasury Manager’s consent. In case of a disagreement with the Treasury Manager, if no compromise can be reached, further consultation should be done with the rest of the team members (if required) to ensure that the involved parties are not being unreasonable.

When judged necessary, the situation may be brought in front of the DAO for final decision. However, any use of funds overruling the Treasury Manager’s objection should be reported to the DAO as soon as possible to implement corrective measures if required.

3. Properly disclose and communicate potential conflict of interest to the team and community to ensure that decisions are not made at Wonderland’s expense.

Given Daniele’s unique position as one of the main decision maker in multiple protocols, it is important to properly disclose and consult with an impartial body on decisions that could be perceived as a conflict of interest. This would to limit the FUD and animosity that could result from such decisions. Decisions made on Wonderland’s behalf should be made in favor of Wonderland. In these situation, it is not enough to rely on intentions, it is necessary to manage the perception.

4. Ensure/delegate to an elected official the responsibility and implementation of passed Wonderland Improvement Proposal.

As leader of the protocol, it is Daniele’s responsibility to ensure and/or delegate any Wonderland Improvement Proposal that passes and be implemented as soon as reasonably possible.

5. Ensure/delegate to an elected official the responsibility to ensure plans and strategies are communicated to the community.

i.e., Consistent and quality communication and coordination with elected Wonderland Moderators, Treasury Manager, Developers, and Community.

6. Promote and coordinate potential collaborations within the Frog Nation ecosystem beneficial to Wonderland

With the future possibility of a merge and / or funding Abracadabra in the future, clear communication and coordination of any of the above is needed. As well as taken through the appropriate governance.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
Defining Daniele’s role maintains the status quo and no changes need to be made


Hear, hear. The proposal looks all good to me as currently framed. I trust that it stays that way. Whatever we decide we must avoid the knee jerk reaction to “democratise” in the most literal sense all decision making in the DAO. This is crypto and the potential for frontrunning is huge. Also Dani needs to free enough to make us nimble.


Seems pretty clear cut to me :man_shrugging:


same here, clear cut


Looks good, sounds good. Like NalX(pretty clear cut to me)


Looks good to me, can’t find any issue with what’s proposed


Why not talk about the BIG ISSUE. ABRA IS DYING.

Convex votes being stolen. When WE DESERVE bribe from place like VOTIUM.

Who should decide on Convex vote? Make that CLEAR!


Solid and precise to the point, another step towards the future :rocket:


This needs to happen.


this is the way, I will support this!


In Dani, we trust! Always believed in him, won’t stop. Let’s do this


Snapshot is now live :slight_smile:

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Is there not a conflict of interest for him with Wonderland? Why do people jump at these proposals like a dog in heat?

There is, but he is one of the founders and Wonderland is still one of his protocols. It’s not like we are hiring him.

Hence point number 3:


I don’t know as he has constantly sought to merge Wonderland and its treasury.

I thought the protocol is owned by the DAO, the COMMUNITY.

To make it clear - Dani has to disclose he’s been stealing the Convex Bribes?

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He already did. It’s not a secret.

He did in Discord and his first AMA.

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I appreciate the clearer definition to roles. I support the points provided.

Just a note, I have felt like we have been ghosted and disrespected. I think this type of definition could help protect WL from further harm.


Good, keep investing for your people!