WMEMO=BTC - Make WMEMO a Bitcoin Tracking Index

Wonderland Identity Crisis IMO, Wonderland & ABRA proposal to combine forces, is not a so great idea. $WMEMO should not turn into $Spell Tokens, WMEMO should remain the identity of Wonderland and the Team should use their expertise to create a way to increase it’s value. BTC

Why not use Treasury profits to make $WMEMO a Bitcoin index, tracking bitcoin price action? If you don’t retain WMEMO, wonderland will be the pun of many jokes. Stress Test, failed. if WMEMO turns to spell. Patience, stay focus, do not flip flop.

Crypto Currency Index Fund (WMEMO=BTC)

  1. Choose the # of Coins in Your Portfolio & Set Percentage Caps
  2. Select a Weighting Strategy
  3. Backtest your Strategy
  4. Set your Own Rebalancing Period
  5. Add Coins to your Blacklist

Digital Currency
Out of all the DEFI Projects & Digital Currencies, there is and has been only 1 King & that’s BITCOIN.
GENXer - Bitcoin like Gold, Money & Tech.
Millennial - Ethereum, like Windows 95.
Both are great but BITCOIN has the ability to stand the test of THE TIME!

Holding cash is a losing proposition even if interest rates increase to 2% APY. Real inflation rate could be higher than what is advertised. All avenues lead to Bitcoin.Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Wonderland Frogs Join us all towards BITCOIN $200k by 2025.
WMEMO=BTC Crypto Currency INDEX, Tracking the Price of BITCOIN, this will fix all dilemmas and with staking & or profit sharing it is a complete win.


A penny stock, more formally known as a microcap stock, is a share of a company that typically has a market capitalization of less than $300 million . Nanocap stocks, also a type of penny stock, are issued by companies that typically have a market capitalization of less than $50 million.
Currently if data is correct WMEMO is at a $420m Market Cap.

The only problem i see in this is the team has a PR issue and another great movement away from regaining price at previous levels will only further demoralize and tank price more if the idea doesnt deliver.

We need to focus on restoring directly intrinsic value into the Wmemo asset. Farming as a service, revenue share = a backing value to your individual token, that balue would be what the revenue share brings to you per token you hold. That is the definition of intrinsic. Wonderland needs to use our treasury to provide wealth to holders by farming for revenue and sharing it with the community.

I hold to wonderland because i am down (not a reason anyone should have to hold but its reality or you can realize your loss) BUT i also hold on because if the team gets its head on straight and realizes its sitting on the greatest value generator in this economy thats only suffering from bad PR from unrealized promises “we can regain traction immediately”. More promises wont work, action is needed.

I created a plan thats easy to execute, requires no addotional resource other then execution. We cannot give dani more “great ideas” to chase - he lacks focus, we have to provide that focus by making him focus on a striaght forward plan using the treasury to farm farm farm and revenue share.

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I agree to a point, the concern is what will make WMEMO or Time increase in price, Demand. There is no demand for wmemo or time, what could have possibly created the demand was leveraging and that failed. It is my belief that the people and wonderland need a clear objective. Making a coin that is virtually unknown, even with profit sharing and high APY is not enough to create the demand needed to reach all time highs. By theory it’s all a test product, on the other hand everyone around the world knows Bitcoin. Bitcoin to the world for the most part is Digital Gold, Digital Currency, Rare Coin & a Digital Inflation Hedge. Whether it’s Spell or Ethereum all Digital Assets follow Bitcoin, so why not assure the future of Wonderland by letting the markets decide with the leader of the Markets.

Example Price of Time reaches 8k, everyone that stayed invested will be very happy and full of profits on their original investment.

  1. Price of Time stays at $1k and over 6 months at $1k, equivalent to a ($1k Stablecoin) or (Ranging Asset), Everyone will reap good profits but not great profits.

  2. Price of Time sinks to $10, more buyers, we all spend and the markets are suddenly interested and Demands kicks in because of Crazy APY, Revenue Sharing… Suddenly price goes back to $1k+ = happy people because their investments if they reinvested are good.

  3. Stay with Wonderland allow Betswap & Cross NFT businesses to start, price increase or decrease, also benefit off of profit sharing, revenue sharing, fee sharing but price of WMEMO or TIME decreases, the wait will be years unless purchased either coins and they 5x. Currently Betswap is holding at .04 and looking good.

I believe out asset could be a farm version of bitcoin yet with intrinsic value backed by the amount of monetary value a single token yields in revenue sharing. Bitcoin works because its backed by a legion of hodlers who have provided it intrinsic value. Bitcoin has no yield and revenue share can borrow against it, but the value is in the ideal.

Wonderland is backed by a 800 million dollar treasury. Bitcoin has no treasury. Wonderland can use that treasury to farm and bring value to holders, bitcoin can only increase in value from euphoria. If the team sticks with the plan and implements revenue share via farming as a service in months we could be back north of 100k memo, faster if we implemented the ideal i proposed.

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