WMEMO=BTC - Make WMEMO a Bitcoin Tracking Index

[RFC] - Make WMEMO a Bitcoin Tracking Index

  • Option A (Make WMEMO a Bitcoin Tracking Index Fund, Tracking Bitcoin Price Action)
  • Option B (Wonderland Spell Merger)
  • Make No Changes (Just Buy as is)

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Name: [RFC] - WMEMO=BTC - Make WMEMO a Bitcoin Tracking Index

Scope: Price Action, Whales, Volume, Manipulation & Liquidations.

Link to previous [DAO Discussion]: “[DAO Discussion] - Your Title Here”

Objective: Just an Idea open for discussion".

Provide a High Level Overview: Provide a basic and general explanation of the subject.

Provide Low Level Details: Describe more specifically individual components of the subject, focus on the details and present information in a structured way to help the community understand the proposal.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
Present the requirements to implement the proposal.

Since an RFC is a “work in progress” Proposal, not all of these points need to be filled out from the beginning. They can be added over time as the RFC evolves into a mature Proposal.

So kinda like a tomb fork but pegged to btc?

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