wMEMO dropped transaction on Metamask - tokens not returned - HELP

Hi! If anybody can help with some advice, I would really appreciate it. A few days ago, I had two transfers from one Metamask wallet to another one. The first transfer (a small amount of AVAX) was successful after a significant “pending” time. However, the second transfer, which involved a substantial amount wMEMO, got “dropped” and my tokens disappeared. Since then, there hasn’t been a trace of them in any of the Metamask wallets. The TxnHash of the dropped transaction is not possible to locate on the Still, I actually found that transaction, i.e. the transaction which stated this exact amount of wMEMO has been sent from and to the same metamask public address. It seems that tokens have been sent (back) to the initial metamask wallet, but I don’t have them on any wallets. Do you have any idea what happened and how can I get back those tokens?

Paste both address here + date and time of transactions.

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