wMemo lost after bridge to Fantom

I bridged my wMemo to Fantom from here Wonderland

which succeeded, but I can’t see my wMEMO balance in my wallet any more.

Any ideas what to do ?

does it appear on ftmscan in your wallet?

Thanks for the reply.

The wMEMO finally appeared in my MetaMask on the fantom wallet. It took 30 mon

However I was wondering what is the value of doing this bridge to fantom ?

Is there any way to stake wMEMO ?

I was staking TIME which I then wrapped to wMEMO but am not sure what the plan is moving forward.

There are some staking pool on FTM I believe. Keep in mind that those come with additional risks.

The recent purpose for the bridge was to stake on to increase the TVL for a snapshot that was being done on the 23rd. Now that this is done, no real need to bring if you just want to stake and chill.

Will the time staking be ending soon?

If I move tve wMEMO back to Avax will it be staking ?

The event is already done.

wMEMO is always staked, no matter what chain it is on.

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