Wonderland 2.0

We need to come together as frogs and establish a foundation to take our first leap towards the future.

To do that we propose a high-level plan of 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: Govern
  • Phase 2: Engage
  • Phase 3: Strategy
  • Phase 4: Grow

Phase 1: Govern

We want to empower us, the frogs. All key decisions will be run through the DAO. Your vote decides which investments are made, which team members are hired or fired, and all other important changes in Wonderland.

To enable us to govern the DAO we’ll need to adjust a few things:

  1. Responsibilities — we need to make clear what has to by ran by the DAO and which decisions can be made by the team.
  2. Voting procedure — for the things that need to go by the DAO we’ll have to implement a strict procedure that details how we go from idea to implementation.
  3. Community engagement — we’ll need to clean up the forum and be more strict in forum moderation.
  4. Voting weights — we have to make some adjustments to voting itself. Votes get dominated by the large players, we want to move to quadratic time-weighted voting to give the little frogs a louder voice.

Second, we need to have a look at the internal organization of Wonderland. We can’t be dependent on single individuals for crucial decisions. So, we want to install an oversight committee & advisory board. They will make sure that Wonderland stays in-line with the decisions of the DAO. Their main responsibilities is safeguarding the long-term stability of Wonderland.

Phase 2: Engage

As mentioned, the goal is to empower the frogs. Wonderland’s biggest resources is not its treasury, but rather our community.

By engaging the community throughout the protocol’s evolution, we have the potential to pick from the minds of hundreds of thousands of frogs. Together we are stronger and together we can thrive. The changes suggested in the governance model will facilitate the sharing ideas and promote community engagement to ensure we come out on top with the best proposals.

Communication and transparency with the frogs will be a priority to ensure that our vision is clear and that things are moving forward with promises that we can be accountable for and a clear, aligned agenda.

This means regular AMA’s, higher visibility of the team and over-all more two-way communication.

Phase 3: Strategy

Treasury management has been a hot topic recently. We believe a decentralised treasury management model is the solution to concerns that have been raised. What does that look like?

We’ll no longer have a single treasury manager, instead we’ll have an oversight committee, a financial officer and a whole bunch of small investment managers.

  • Investment managers — Any person or team can submit a proposal to manage part of Wonderlands treasury. When approved their results and behaviour are closely monitored.

  • Oversight committee — The oversight committee keeps a close eye on all investment managers. They make sure that the investment managers stay in-line with the DAO’s decisions. They can pull the treasury capital from investment managers at any time

  • Financial officer — The financial officer is responsible for the day-to-day operations regarding all Wonderlands finances. Just like the investment managers, the financial officer too is monitored by the oversight committee.

Phase 4: Grow

Once we have a stable and smoothly running DAO, it’s time for expansion. At that point, it should be clear that Wonderland is still alive and well and that our past no longer define us. Wonderland will be a rising phoenix who overcame adversity to be successful.

In the growth phase we’ll see increase of marketing budgets and community outreach. Wonderland is here to help all the frogs and we will be a giant in DeFi.

It will be easier to attract new investors and shift our focus to attracting more capital to ensure a proper redistribution to the frogs who helped make this resurrection a success.

*We’ve made a rough draft of an actionable plan to get Wonderland through these four phases. You’ll find a lot more details there. The plan is our best-effort, each part of the plan will have to be refined by community committees, before their separate proposals can be voted on by the DAO. *

Please read our full proposal here: Wonderland 2.0. A strategized move forward | by Wonderland 2.0 | Jan, 2022 | Medium

  • Yes let’s make Wonderland 2.0 happen!
  • No keep Wonderland as it is!

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Ummm im still hodling 15 MEMO anyone else ? lmao


That’s Fucking awsome!!!


" we’ll need to clean up the forum and be more strict in forum moderation"

that’s very important i think there are many that are not believing in project and vision and many making only FUD for destabilise the project.


Thanks for spotting, cleaned up :slight_smile:

There’s lot’s of great ideas in this forum honestly, it’s just too much to sift through everything currently. Especially the fud posts are not helping at all indeed…


Yeah, that’s a really good point. There needs to be better moderation of the Level 1 discussion channel…


I like this structure, the decentralization of the investment decisions will definitely drive some interesting yield strategies.

However, for investment decisions I am not sure if putting each one up to a vote will work as it will not allow the investments to move fast enough.

Moreover, I like how you have defined clear roles, but I think we are also missing people on the biz-dev, marketing and tech side of the busieness which need to be clearly identified with clear people that are responsible for progress and products.


A very big problem is that we need to restrict the big whale to joke with us and don’t let them do good and bad of the project. any idea about that? can be a solution put big fees if you what withdrawal more that tot money? or put a limit withdrawal with a timeline monthly or every three months? exsample max 100k every three months… a normal person can live with 100k for at list 3 years…


@LarryFisherman the msg above

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that’s the kind of FUD i’m talking about… this is an improve of wonderland of you don’t understand


I like this concept! A project this big needs proper governance and security built in the organisation, having structured entities and transparency will definitely secures trust in the project and its direction!

I’d like to add that we can not forget the business/pr/tech side of a project this big. All of this needs to be structured as well in order to keep the governance in shape.

$TIME to mature.

you say a DAO is improved when one single person has full control and just ignores everything the people vote on? DAOs are dead. they arent working and we have proof now. Dani is a liar and a traitor and i will never touch anything ever again that has anything to do with him. more than 75% voted to keep wonderland going and now dani, as a single person, ignores this vote because he makes a crapton of money on it. the big whale pockets that are voting yes are probably all his. fuck this little bitch.


Yes please. Lets get our shit together and get it done.

People like @Simon87 have been asking for counter whale measures for months. TIME to get organized and put our frogs’ brains together to figure this out.

Brainstorm. Propose. Vote. Implement.
No going back because the vote didn’t go the way the team wanted.


There are various ways to accomplish this, reward long term holders more on a ratio based on time hold for example.

Issue a ratio based sell tax with a 24h limit

These are just examples, it can be done


Agree, we shouldn’t be clogging up the DAO with every little decision.

I’ve jjst attached the link to our full proposal at the bottom of the OP. There you’ll see some further details we suggest on what does and doesn’t go to the DAO. Curious to hear your thoughts on that

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The things we came up with are: quadratic time weighted voting, so that those of us with smaller stacks that hold longer get more voting power. And, a sort of tax on revenue sharing that decreases over time. These are described in detail in the full proposal (see the link i just added).

Do you think this could be enough, or should we do even more to make sure we keep a long term view?


Good points. DAO should handle the big stuff, we need people dealing with the day to day money issues without having to vote every transaction. However, we need reports, we need transparency. They can do the transaction, but they should be explaining all of them.

Every component definitely need to be more defined. Hopefully the community can come together and suggest a proper structure to vote/implement.


This proposal gives a strong way forwards and has the right balance between authority by full-time people as well as control by the DAO. This should get all the TIME/WMEMO holders’ strong support.

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This is excellent! I would add

  • any person working for the DAO needs to be fully vetted, doxxed and must list any potential conflicts of interests prior to hiring (does the DAO vote on hiring?Didn’t see it in the decision table)
  • make it impossible to use leverage with gMEMO to prevent liquidation cascades

Guys I believe there some topics overlooked. I saw no considerations regarding current team allocations and partial unwind impact over the treasury , if we survive with a severe depleted treasury, rougher the transition. Treasury was made in pure ape hype, propelled by Dani’s figure, we wont have that at our disposal. Like on the roadmap it is acknowledged the power of our community but I think you all agree that the scenery changes once this takes place.

And more importantly, we are overlooking our biggest asset, after the treasury of course, the liquid staking team which hasn’t received their grant, how that will proceed is essential. We need to enforce that they will remain on of our assets once we move forward ( we need to be in talks with them too).

Why I think this is important to know beforehand? So we can have a consistent plan of execution that leaves no loose ends in order to avoid pressure from the other side (current team), a group like Bastion is attracted to take the treasury role bc of its size and current operations, despite this prospect being quite good and solid, if we are depleted substantially how we would place a open call for the treasury role and attract relevant players.

Once with those numbers at hand we can look at the composability of the treasury and unwind it for those who want to leave through assets that doesn’t halt our current operations (I should asses if they already were). If we can maintain profitability, the depleted treasury may still be attractive to attract relevant players for the role.

I don’t see a a framework, an approach, on how we will compose the new dev team, expertise is needed to evaluate it, and a new team policy should be also in place.