Wonderland and SifuVision

The fact that you can make a whole post without typing anything, but I need 20 caracters to post a response is beyond me.

Also, please make a proper post if you actually want something happen.

Kinda off topic for this post, but I close topic when they move to the next stage. As an FYI, I’m not the one that approved the RFC, but I believe it was justified regardless.

If we wait too long, people complain governance is too slow. When we go faster, people complain we go too fast. Most discussions on a topic is done in the first few days.

Sifu’s DAO Discussion had only 1 fudder going on a rampage and 1 person saying those that want this should redeem and buy SIFU.

The post has 196 likes total, 40 of them on the main post. Which I believe makes it one of our most liked topic.

The RFC currently suggest a 75% in favor.

There is no guidelines on this other than if the discussions suggest support, which it does.

Compared to other proposals we’ve had before, this one is pretty simple. Either you want to invest or no.

The WIP will have Sifu’s terms and the DAO will vote if they agree or not.

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