Wonderland as a Defi Sponsor

Wonderland as a unique position in the Defi community as it was originally intended to support other protocols (like Abra and Ice). At this point in time it is clear Wonderland has options, allow me to add a new suggestion to the list!

I believe another avenue Wonderland could explore is a sponsorship program for both experienced and novice Defi lovers. I envision another dashboard that acts as a 3rd party host to specific projects that the community is keen on (For ex. GMX, Abra, UWU). Wonderland could help support the ecosystem by hosting a dashboard, blog, or something of similar format that deep dives the projects relevant to not only Wonderland but Defi in general. This could serve as a starting point for Dao’s to intermingle on a regular basis beyond discord.

A new series of roles could be made to accomplish this. Front end dev’s to blueprint a website, delegates to talk between Dao’s are groups to get on the same page with other protocol’s and communities, and so on.

I am envisioning an IDO “like platform” that serves to educate individuals about the protocol’s they are curious about and how one may interact between them.

All feedback is treasured!

Definitely has the potential to do so. I think once Wonderland can establish itself as “still around” and functioning, this will be the way to go.

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True, 1st things 1st

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