Wonderland Balance Gone to 0

Hey guys!

I have been staking the MEMO coin for a week now and I just noticed that my balance account on Wonderland website has gone to 0. Does anyone else ever have this problem? And if yes, how exactly can I solve it?

What is the balance in your wallet ?
If it’s still in your wallet, try clearing cache/cookies.

The balance in the wallet is 0 which is very strange since I did not do anything to move them around or re-invest or anything at all. I tried checking my balance from a different PC and it is still 0. It is 0 even on the Wonderland app platform, where it should at least show the initial investment

Look your address on snowtrace.io. Your wallet was probably compromised and someone moved your funds.

Thank you NalXes for your answers. I really appreciate that someone is helping me out with this.

I have here the list of transactions from the website you shared (the transactions list is simply empty). I can see that one minute after staking the value went to a new account, one I have not interacted with before, at all. Can you help me out interpret this?

My account too just gone Zero. i dont know who to contact.

If you can give me your address, it will be easier for me to look at the transaction.

@mannjugu no one to contact really… Try to look in snowtrace.io as mentioned above to see if there is an outgoing transaction.