Wonderland DEV's, RESPOND

Constructive call to action.

I believe a cooldown period was necessary. Now you are projecting ambivalence, whether you want to or not. Need to see your engagment.

Can I get the FROG support on this?


Honestly unsure what you are asking for.

I hear you.
It does appear that a great deal of discussion is taking place on Discord, however many people (myself included) have been unable to access the discord server. There has been little communication outside of this leaving most of us to search the cryptoverse for clues.
non confirmed info:
-BSGG airdrop tomorrow (Feb 11) in accordance with the original snapshot
-WIP on buyback / ragequit / status quo being drafted and expected within 24-48 hours.
-7 days (i believe) WIP discussion followed by snapshot vote.

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Yes, we need to get moving on this. There has been a lot of discussion and some great ideas and proposals but it is time to take some action and get this project moving forward again.

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