Wonderland Emergency changes/ how to also synergize with Abra without merge

Hello fellow frogs,

Reading the discords and seeing reactions the merge looks like a big ol split. Which makes this not a good action for either party.

Step 1

What I purpose is that we make the following changes to Wonderland to stop our current state of bleeding from the treasury.

  1. Stop buybacks they only delay what is to come and are being gamed for the benefit of others.
  2. Stop rebase as it is useless and just break things into smaller and smaller pieces.
  3. Introduce a stopgap to help the frog nation a one time airdrop = to 1 memo per week invested in the project. This will help bring long-term investors up a little bit who helped build the treasury we would otherwise bleed due to the buyback mech. It’s not much but a small token to show frog nation we are still here and “buy” some faith back.

Step 2

Reject the merger under current terms and set our spac/vc Ideal to use and invest some of our treasury in Abra. There were some valid points of how strong Abra can be however this shouldn’t force us to give up our project.
I feel this is a better move as by investing a substantial bit of our capital over to them and thus work a deal to begin getting revenue from that platform as well. So Abra still gets some needed capital and we continue with our goal of revshare in mind. As such this will link our platforms more as when Abra does well Wonderland does well. Vs when Wonderland has liquidations Abra does well.

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