Wonderland - Kill? Disband? Sustain? Grow?

I’ve noticed a few topics here talking about reimbursing investors, either for the buyback value or for their initial investment value. While I understand everyone’s frustration, I feel as though the proposal/discussion was rather skewed to one side without an in depth, rational look at the facts.
People want to empty the treasury and get their investment back? This isn’t a solution, this is damage control. Tunnel vision on just the issues isn’t going to help.

I too have lost 90% of my initial investment, I bought the top in November and have been hodling since then for better or worse, but, I DO NOT think killing the project now is the way to go. Getting a refund and asking Dani to start a new project isn’t the solution either, the trust has been shaken for any new project at this point. Proposing Dani to step down is short sighted as well, he is the main guy with the long term vision, not just for Wonderland but for everything else that is part of the frog ecosystem.

For the trust to be rebuilt, Wonderland needs to show its existing investors and the wider DeFi world that it can recover from this.
People grow, learn and develop more in adversity than in stagnation. These recent times have definitely stirred the pond and some frogs wish to leave (that’s alright, if they want to they can, an option can be available like the one that was proposed in the Abra and Wonderland Merger).

And in this adversity the first steps have been taken in the right direction.

1: Sifu is gone and is most likely not going to be back. Time will tell what will happen but if things get better soon after his departure then we can make the assumption that he was behind some of the shit we went through recently.
2: The wMEMO leveraging pools on Abracadabra have been closed. This means that people can’t borrow against their wMEMO anymore, and therefore there shouldn’t be any more liquidations.
3: No liquidations means that buybacks aren’t needed to keep the price of wMEMO in check. (IMO buybacks should not exist to bail out those that risked and leveraged, as their losses are returned while those that simply held and 3,3eed their way through ups and downs are left holding bleeding bags)
4: All this shit that’s been happening doesn’t take away from the fact that we have a massive treasury that has made sound investment decisions and is making a million dollars a day.

Whether we merge with Abracadabra or not, we have yet to see as the discussion is still on going, but burning this bridge means there is not possibility of redemption.

As someone in the Wonderland discord has said, the foundation is there and the first steps have been taken. Its time to move away from damage control and focus on reconstruction and growth.


I agree completely and I think there is a decent amount of frogs that would like to continue.


I completely agree. Let’s get a new CFO who can deploy treasury and make us money. And the rage-quit idea can work if MIMs in treasury are used to buy out wMeMo from paper hands at slight discount to backing which should theoretically increase treasury value


This is really what I wanted to hear. As long as their are still sound minds holding a bleeding bag like me, I believe we can make sound decisions together to rebuild and go beyond.


Exactly man. People forget this is supposed to be a DAO. The whole point is that we are in control and can help decide our fate. If the sound minds come together we can get back on track. I had no control over any shitcoin I’ve invested in before, but here at least we have some control to give us a shot at redemption. Worst case, we don’t win in the future but if we accept defeat now then we’ve already lost


I definitely want this project to continue.
I have held for 104 days so far, which means I bought near the top. I’ve lost a lot of money (money I could afford but no-one likes losing). The potential this project had is still there, let’s not waste it.


Its good to see others share my sentiment. I don’t know if our opinion is in the majority but there is still hope. People need to relax a bit, step back and look at the bigger picture. Tunnel visioning only on the recent problems isn’t helping anyone


Same bro, I bought, staked and wrapped and haven’t touched it since. This is a long term play. Stay Frosty!


A refund of the treasury is a short term solution and it kills the protocol. Remember Giza? But Wonderland is so much bigger and better than Giza, or pretty much any other DAO for that matter.
Long term I think this is the better move. And if there are still people who want to bail the rage-quit option can be there for them


I hope there’s enough frogs that want to keep the pond alive. Right now there’s too much panic and FUD that is still distracting people and making them focus too much on the issues. But these issues have been addressed already.



Does the treasury still capable of generating alpha like returns compared to bank savings?? If so - Then I think we should continue getting those kind of yields

I WANT TO SEE REVENUE SHARE - This is by far the most important which will drive confidence. If / when it happens, people will have confidence to stake and continue / increase their stake for more returns.


Yep, once revenue share is implemented then dilution will stop completely and we can see real growth

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Killing the project will get us next to nothing back…We can do better with my proposal:

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I for one would like to see our treasury continue to make money and get that distributed to us. I’m down close to $25k, but I believe in the VC Dao model still. Maybe I’m a dummy tho

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this is what im saying literally if revenue sharing started, everyone would chill.

This is a good time to buy bitcoin.

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