Wonderland must live as before

I recently joined the community. Before that, I often saw the huge price of TIME in the capitalization rating. Now that I have managed to acquire a small amount, I feel that the project should continue. It has shown itself to be a stable project that can handle big hits and keep the price down (it didn’t drop to zero).
It seems to me that a mistake in management should not change the mood of the community so much. The scammer is fired, the project is alive and the community has dealt with the situation, in the long run, this says a lot more about the stability of the coin and its future.
If the project is closed now or attached to something, this may upset the previous owners, who will lose their profits.
I ask the frogs to leave the project alone for a couple of months. Only then draw conclusions or make decisions.

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Instead of “leaving it alone” some of us have chosen to be more active in the community to stay relevant with what’s going on to work together to create a creative solution to maximize whats left of a tarnished name and broken wallets. Leaving it alone allows whales to manipulate votes while the smaller frogs voices are never heard. If we left it alone, then the whales would have won during the snapshot to wind down wonderland. Nay, I say we Stand and FIGHT for our better future

Good post though, mate! And I agree


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