Wonderland — Rebranding & Frog University

Wonderland — The Rise of The New Beginning

Dear Frogs,

We, Yassine and Hyke, are excited by the prospect of working towards the mission and vision for your community. On that account, we are happy to apply to fit the roles of video content creators and visual designers. Over the years, we have been exposed to different environments and experiences that have enhanced our skillset, making us the ideal candidates for the positions. We are pleased to write this letter to introduce ourselves and tell the community why we are valuable.

Yassine Boutaib, is a motion graphic designer, visual designer, and creative director. He has over 14 years of experience in various media areas such as concept work, VFX, UI/UX for games, TV idents, commercials, event projection mapping, and infographics. His experience includes working for companies such as DICE (Battlefield/star wars series), Netease, Mojang (Minecraft), Montblanc, Lucas Film, Ford, and others. Yassine also runs
“We Are Poppo,” a motion graphics tips and tutorials community under the name Mr. Poppo.
Yassine develops a series of highly individual animation/motion design tutorials to help young artists and designers have a broader look and insight into what goes on behind the scenes of world-class projects.

Portfolio website: https://yassineboutaib.com/

Youtube playlist of spread around work for various clients:

Hyke Vlas, is a Senior Concept Designer at Triple and has worked with renowned brands, including Disney, Max Verstappen, Heineken, FC Ajax, KLM airlines, and many more. Hyke has built his career as a concept designer for the past ten years.
He served four years overseas as a Sr. UI/UX designer at Koreaboo in South Korea. Hyke focuses on conceptualising brand identities and user interface redesigns for high-class brands such as RiotGames (League of Legends), Pixar, and Twitch in his spare time.

Sample Brand Identities, UX/UI work: https://bit.ly/3uN3JXN
(please feel free to navigate around all the various projects)

Portfolio website: https://www.11yke.com

We are committed to helping the DAO, Wonderland, overcome various challenges by offering our expertise and advice. The community has agreed to bring on a brand identity and design team to help give a new spirit and breath to Wonderland and help the DAO reach more investors and VC projects to invest in. The past month has been interesting, seeing the events develop in the land of wonders. We have seen people getting liquidated. With all the downside revolving around the treasury and the dramatic situation, including Sifu, it was hard to realise this could ever have a good outcome. However, we stuck our heads together and discovered a spark emitted from the dark times.

We started working on this project when everything was on fire, and there was no existing proposal. Since then, we understand much has happened, and we decided to keep the original work that truly represents our unbiased look at Wonderland.

Some of the things we are thinking of doing to enhance the DAO’s operations include redesigning Wonderland’s entire brand, including website, dapp, iconography, UI/UX. We would also like to develop marketing materials that include announcements, news, and changes. We are intensifying our efforts towards Frog university, where we could educate everyone, especially the newcomers (frogs in the tadpole) through animated visuals, stop FUDs through short videos, how to use services (current and upcoming), podcasts, and AMA summaries.

We propose to characterise the board of directors by showing their physical presence online and linking them to a fantasy character living in Wonderland. We thought it would be amazing to create frog mascots linked to specific content output to enhance our identity. This way, we make sure that the Frog Nation receives more gravity, is more connected and will be more trustworthy in the long term.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to a continued healthy partnership. Thank you.


Yassine and Hyke,

Email: wonderland.thenewbeginning@gmail.com


Personally, I’m a fan.

I really liked the video and the logo looks C.L.E.A.N.

When I see stuff like this I can’t help but think of the potential this community/project has if we work together.


TLDR but short answer, YES PLEASE!

Especially after that video

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I think getting away from the concept of Alice in Wonderland is a good idea. I’m already beginning to associate this wonderful story with loss. Not something you want on a journey down the rabbit hole :confused:

I’m a fan.

I think the story of Alice in Wonderland might actually go pretty well with what’s happened.
If I had time on my hands, I would go through it, but I’m afraid I’m late…

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Rebranding doesn’t have to include changing the name or changing everything that we have come to love about our Frog nation in Wonderland. Perhaps an update of the website and a logo change could help alleviate some of the growing pains that have been experienced recently.

I would overall prefer we keep Wonderland, because we are all still helping new people into the worlds of defi and the blockchain(s). When we come into the Wonderland project, there is a huge rabbit hole that leads one further and further into more knowledge. It also opens new doors and opportunities. New adventures.

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Great work, go Wonderland!



Updated my profile pic and use your logo. Not making money or anything. Just wanted to give you credit since I think it’s pretty cool.

Frog Nation NFT (4)


Thank you so much NalX :slight_smile:

That was our first and initial thought :slight_smile:

Haha please feel free to express yourself (it looks really good)

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