Wonderland Revival Masterplan

I have thought about it a lot and I believe I came up with a masterplan to revive Wonderland: First I’d like to list the problems Wonderland has to overcome:

1) Lack of Communication: It seems to me as if nobody but the Wonderland team really knows about the project… Even after all the drama that happened with @wSifu (:tophat:,:tophat:) Wonderland Users still have not received a detailed and precised explanation for what, how and why things really happened… What happens behind the scenes, whatever the team plans to announce, should be crystal clear to every single user, even to those who just joined the project… Since announcements are only left briefly explained, it is very hard for users to understand the purpose behind every change, for example integrating wMEMO, SushiSwap, etc…
2) Lack of User-Integration: Wonderland is supposed to be a DAO, meaning for Wonderland to succeed in the long term, its highly essential to integrate pools and question for every idea, suggestion and most importantly before announcing anything new…
3) Lack of Service: Obviously, wonderland is poorly managed, when it comes to customer service. Besides from having a whitepaper and a discord channel, there is no form of platform/website, easing the process and helping daily users… Just like every other OHM fork, the only really good service Wonderland ever had to offer, was its purpose. Wonderland is also poorly designed, meaning new users are scared off. The only way to integrate wit the Wonderland ecosystem as a user remains reddit, discord and twitter.
4) Lack of Trust: After everything that happened, nobody really has any faith or trust in the team. Moreover, how come that a such professional team works with someone like @wSifu (:tophat:,:tophat:) , without even mentioning that in advance… How come individuals so beloved like @danielesesta allow something like that to happen??? (edited)

And now as promised here is the solution:

STEP 1) Kick out @wSifu (:tophat:,:tophat:) once and for all!!! @danielesesta needs to deliver a detailed apology and explanation to the public.

STEP 2) Let new individuals join the project forming a new team of leaders, that will discuss wonderlands plans in future!

STEP 3) Put Wonderland as the main priority when it comes to the ecosystem. Wonderland cannot be put through so many meaningless changes to help profit projects like abracadabra. Everything needs to serve a purpose for the Wonderland’s and its community’s best interest!

STEP 4) Change the way the Wonderland reward system works. Currently every holder is getting the same amount of rewards each day (in percent), which is why it is so easy to abuse Wonderland. Set a limit of investing (something like 400€ per wallet) so no whales can be formed and change the way the rewarding system works, so that the more you keep wonderland, the more you get!

STEP 5) A NEW DESIGN, NEW PLATFORM AND A NEW APPROACH!!! Wonderland needs a re-branding phase! A new cat logo, a new unique user interface and a more professional website will do just fine! Then Wonderland needs to be put on the map! A few listing (f.e. Binance, Crypto.com. FTX, etc…) will really help regaining the general trust!

If someone was to take my suggestion into consideration, I guarantee wonderland will crack ATHs sooner than all of you guys think!!!

Oh man :rofl: this is rug pull from the very beginning to the very end. Dev’s work ended up with Xmas decorations. From that point it was free fall & everything falled right into the wallets of those two criminals including Dani’s liquidation to his own pocket.

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