Wonderland Roadmap 🛣✨

Proposal: share a roadmap of new products and improvements to be developed on a quarterly bases.

Objective: greater transparency in the actions to be carried out, aligned with a common mission .

Format: a simple publication with milestones, improvements and new releases that add value to Wonderland as a Metaverse.


I’m for it. Was about to suggest something similiar

Not just roadmap, but overall metrics on the DAO much like a public company’s earnings calls. What’s happening with the treasury and investments, etc.


I am not opposed to a roadmap but often they can be restrictive. Users will expect X,Y,Z to be done in order on certain dates. Roadmaps need to be living documents and be extremely flexible towards market conditions and unexpected opportunities.


Do you think people would be dumb enough to see it as a contract or a commitment? IMO, the term “roadmap” is a high-level document that articulates the startegy behind both the goal and how you get there… Nothing more than that. But maybe I put too much trust in people… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I do. I have been around for a long time and witnessed it over and over. “You said X happens on Tuesday! Liars!”


My bad, then… It seemed so obvious that I assumed people would understand! :frowning:

totally agree.

i’m a product manager myself, and the key :key: ingredient for a good roadmap is to treat it as a product.

A product is a living entity, always in movement and change. you can commit to executing stuff short term but you need to take into account the market and user needs to achieve that product market fit.

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I totally agree with this propose!

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Oh, I’m so with you in this.

I’d like too to see a roadmap, but could be a bit deleterious when people start to complain when something not happen like scheduled or change (and we that tons of people are more inclined to follow complains/fud than use their brain to understand things by yourself).

Anyway I’d really like to see a roadmap, even if it will be change weekly or something like that.


to define a roadmap we need first:

  1. Mission. what problem is wonderland solving?
  2. Who are going to benefit from such solution?
  3. What are the current underserved needs?
  4. What is Wonderland Value Proposition? What makes it different?
  5. What are the set of features that will solve such problem?
  6. How is the UX work for seamless use?

frame work by awesome Dan Olsen

i have shared a crazy idea towards a possible mission here. enjoy the craziness. :stuck_out_tongue:


This will be an interesting idea.

Regular, systemic opposition and antagonism should not scare anybody…

Generic/spontaneous complaints shouldn’t just scare the DAO away from establishing simple points of reference moving people; people can refer back to these reference points, and make use of them moving forward.

I wouldn’t call it a big risk or sell-pressure trigger to establish simple reference points like a roadmap variation.

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agree with the propose.

I agree, a clear roadmap should be published with quarterly goals and milestones. Love the earning call idea.

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would be great to see a clear road map of the future of $time

I also agree with this proposal. Complete transparency is important.

Well said! Sounds like a great idea, maybe could even be in video format like an earnings call. (AMA style)

Having a roadmap is a great idea…BUT…In a growing start-up there are more ideas that are pivoted than ideas that hold the course…A person of this start-up’s ecosystem would view this as a crazy random acts that are going zig-zag…We need to give it some more time…
Adding governance is a cost…Once we grow big and mature as an organization, we can add (IMHO)

Note: We haven’t yet celebrated our 1st annual day…

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That’s why you include the following:

  • It’s a timeline of our intentions, not deadlines rooted with commitments
  • You have it set at a quarterly basis and assume end of quarter for release

There is no need to commit to specific dates. This isn’t a corp doing PMBOK projects in the 1990s.


I love the thought of more insight & information for future projections, dev plans, etc… (ie: Roadmap); but would we be asking the dev team to be adding more to their plates than they are already doing? Then there is also the downside of needing to publicly defend a delay, or other issues when something doesn’t go as planned. Charles Hoskinson & Cardano is a great example of creating high expectations with timelines only to address the disappointed ADA holders and critics to what happened and why it happened and what the new future holds. Don’t get me wrong, Charles does a fantastic job! But with only 1 public face for TIME (Wonderland), we will be asking Daniele to step forward in this role and capacity. I honestly think he would better serve us (the TIME Stakers) continuing to do what he is doing.

Secondly, Daniele has a great mind and drive for this and we should continue to trust his vision and future path. We can see it coming together in his current collective work. He is creating a very sound and self sustaining financial ecosystem. Does everyone think the traditional global financial power brokers are just sitting on their hands watching the developments of these protocols and crypto ecosystems replace them? I would rather not hand over a public playbook (Roadmap) for them to devise schemes to weaken or attempt to destroy something as important as individual financial freedom and independence. This is just my humble opinion.