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Wind down Wonderland or not. What does this mean?

Winding down will mean giving every wMEMO holder back the funds from the treasury that they are entitled to and declare the OHM Fork experiment closed. We strongly believe that this would be the cleanest way of moving forward.

If the community does not want this and votes against this proposal, there is the option of handing over the project to the community.

This would definitely be a difficult step as it will be difficult to clearly identify an entity to give the control of the treasury to.

Due to this we think that if the proposal is voted against, and no counter proposal within 5 days is made by the community with relevant people who are willing to take over the multisig and willing to take on this challenge, we will still unwind the treasury. We don’t want anything to happen to users’ funds, and we would not feel confident to delegate the whole treasury to a non-structured replacement.


Wonderland Team wants to give up 3 points down in the superbowl, 2nd & Goal line.

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