Wonderland: The New Chapter

Wonderland: The New Chapter

Ragequit aftermath.

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Scope: The Ragequit is done and the Sifugate events are in the past the Wonderland enters a new chapter in its history. What lessons did we learn and what should be done to make Wonderland stronger than ever? This discussion is trying to propose short-term implementations that will lay down a foundation for a steady future development of the protocol.

Link to previous [DAO Discussions]:
[RFC] - Wonderland 2.0
[RFC] - Hire the Professor and implement these changes

The main objective is to remove single points of failure and by minimizing the risk of events that may ruin the whole project or lead to catastrophic consequences, without adding complexity or an expansion of the management structure but improving overall integrity of the organization.

Level Overview:
This proposal is focused on different risks that threaten Wonderland. The whole concept can be summed up to 3 major subjects. Those subjects can be stated as: Sustainability, Resilience, Transparency.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
Most changes do not require coding. Everything can be achieved through managerial and strategic planning.

Low Level Details:

This proposal is split into three main topics: Sustainability, Resilience, Transparency

◦ Provide a long term vision with long term strategy plan published in docs
◦ “Microstrategy like” policy of operation (make no fast changes)
◦ Underline the revenue share future of the protocol as its main growth factor
◦ Reduce the impact of the TIME token on wMEMO
◦ Reward system for content creators
◦ Reward system for active contributors [DAO Discussion] Wonderland Moderator Compensation - #108 by Goodron
◦ Weaponize memes

Implement the Sustainability proposal?

  • Yes, implement changes
  • No, don’t implement changes

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“Back in the day… When anon culture was strong… We relied upon solid code. Now we rely upon soy boys not trying to cancel us.”

◦ Alpha legion structure
◦ Ensure that the project can function without its leaders. Consider the “bus factor”
◦ Optimize the geographic disposition of devs
◦ Ensure a reliable way to access passwords and multisigs by team members in case of emergency
◦ Veto by founders on predatory proposals
◦ Hire a PR management counselor

Implement the Resilience proposal?

  • Yes, implement changes
  • No, don’t implement changes

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◦ Github commits and hotfixes
◦ Forum transparency on decision making and moving proposals to WIPs (full disclosure of the process)
◦ Regular Reports - [RFC] Periodic Treasury Reporting
◦ Scheduled AMAs

Implement the Transparency proposal?

  • Yes, implement changes
  • No, don’t implement changes

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:red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle: THIS IS A DRAFT PROPOSAL THAT WILL BE CHANGED DURING THE COMMUNITY DISCUSSION. :red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle:

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Really supportive of the transparency and long term vision parts of the draft. For me, those would go a long way to improving ‘trust’/confidence in the decision making how ever that occurs; ie rapid leadership decision versus slower deliberative micro policy.

I also believe the APY/rebasing should be KEPT at the current rate for at least until Wonderland gets a new flow of investors as a marketing angle

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I’ve updated to the big article on medium. Described the 2.Resilience: part explaining the concept of a Hydra and the Alpha legion.

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I am going to rework the 1. Sustainability part and add stuff that will involve our large community of frogs into creation of content, guides, translations, educational videos, code reviews, etc.

My thought’s on this topic: wonderland may allocate a reasonable sum of money to pay for the work done buy the community. The amount of 200-300k MIM per year should be enough to run this affair for at least 12 months.

This effort will unleash the potential of our large community and help to create educational content.

The main question is: how to manage this funds? Who will be in charge of paying to outsource workers? Alice? We don’t want Dani to spare his attentions on those small things, our goal is to free him from daily routines.

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