Wonderland TIME to WMEMO glitch

Folks, I have not been in wonderland for some time but there is now a glitch. When I disconnect my trust wallet and log into wonderland website it shows the wrap feature alongside the connect wallet feature. However, I cannot wrap without connecting the wallet, but connecting the wallet loses the wrap feature.

Interesting. I believe you should be able to see the wrap button if you turn your phone to the side (landscape mode).

Nope turning it side ways does nothing

Switch your wallet network to Avalanche, this shows it’s on Ethereum. And we recommend using Metamask on mobile and PC.

I am using trust wallet and on all other occasions it worked. Now prior to connecting wallet it gives the option to wrap but once you connect the wallet the wrap options is no longer there

What if you switch to the farm tab?


Shows 2 wrap buttons for me there (On Metamask)

Again with that link… yea there is the wrap option but I can wrap it because as soon as I connect the wallet the wrap option disappeared. If I don’t connect the wallet then the option to wrap is useless as the wallet isn’t connected and makes that option redundant

Isnt the button right next to “revenue sharing” ?

Yes it is…. But only prior to you connecting your wallet. Once you connect the wallet that option to wrap disappears…… hence my frustration

Can you try on Abracadabra ?


Will need to scroll down a bit to find the old wMEMO pool. Once you go in there, should have a wrap button.

I have never used abracadabra and haven’t got a clue what farming is. My position when I purchased TIME at the ridiculous price was to accumulate TIME (MEMO) and hopefully sell for not too much of a loss in the next bull run. However, what should be a simple exercise on my IPhone to wrap MEMO to WMEMO is proving agonising painful. I should not have to venture to abracadabra to wrap my memo. First and foremost and with the utmost respect I have no idea what to look for on that site and what the process entails

Our website is meant to be compatible with Metamask. You are using Trust and said this normally works. Hard for me to explain why suddenly it doesn’t work for you, but given that I do not have the power to modify the website so you can wrap your MEMOs I am providing an alternate solution.

Abracadabra used to be the original way to wrap MEMO. If I am not mistaking the Wonderland website uses the code from Abracadabra to do so. Abracadabra is a protocol of Daniele Sesta which is a co-founder for Wonderland.

The link above should bring you to this page once you have connected your wallet:

You can then wrap by using the wrap button. Now, I do not know how it works on mobile. I do not use mobile.

This is what the screen looks like on my IPhone. No where does it give the option to change anything from TIME to MEMO

Looks like your are on Ethereum. Make sure your wallet is on AVAX, There should be a wMEMO pool is you scroll down a bit.