Wonderland Website Proposal

Wonderland is as Daniele describes the infrastructure for much more than just an investment fund but one thing I have noticed through several comments made in the community is that the website does not reflect this. Currently, the website promotes only to those who have a prior understanding of the project or those who are jumping in to attempt to make a quick dollar. It took a fair amount of my own time outside of the discord to truly get an understanding of what Wonderland does as well as the plans for its future, furthermore what place it plays in the larger ecosystem.

I am a User Experience designer by trade and have a passion for designing an experience that truly supports the end-user. My thoughts are this, What if we could create an environment that supports everybody accessing the platform from potential new investors to the developers that could gain an understanding of how they can use Wonderlands Infrastructure. What if we can help improve the knowledge base for all users that are accessing the Wonderland website that will reduce the FUD and instead promote a stronger widespread belief that Wonderland has the potential to truly unlock Defi for the masses.

I have created some Wireframes that provide a rough idea of what we could do to modernize and unite all aspects of the Wonderland project which includes an informative landing page which we could provide the basic information currently residing as well as access to Knowledge-based pages to inform users of the ecosystem, information such as recent governance votes and more accessible support documents for developers (or a module for news, etc). I believe this could even expand into creating detailed information. Please note these are wireframes so everything is basically a placeholder for final outcomes.

I also have incorporated the current forums into the same website, I am unsure if the API would allow this much configuration however if not perhaps we could see investment into bringing all of these into one united platform. This could further include the voting itself.

If this is of interest I would love to work further on potential ideas and even with any front/back-end developers in the community to further this proposition if it appealed to the community and Wonderland team.

These images are best examined if you click on them and then click again to zoom in.

I also believe by diversifying the dashboard of Wonderland even if it is completely unrelated to this design we can separate ourselves from what has become an ocean of OHM Forks that are in some cases causing widespread fear.

*Edit: Coloured Landing page example


Clean and streamlined, I like it, but dude, where is the night mode? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, this is a good draft of what should be coming, thank you for your $TIME! :slight_smile:


Definitely liking this! I know a lot of people are of fan of the current “theme”, but this structure looks good!


I like this design a lot.


I love the design and the information you have added. I’m not much for night mode but it could be an option for those who prefer the black/dark background. Thank you for putting the thought, time and effort into designing this.


Yea this would be a great implementation, to have both a light mode and a dark classic mode. Also when the price is down the Ceshire Cat looks like a demon from the Netflix Original show “HellBound” about to disappear with all your money lol … something I noticed during the latest dip.


Just add that wMemo balance to the lambo calculator along with this design and we gucci.


This design looks awesome👌🏻

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Wasn’t able to modify the post for some reason but here was more of recent ideation of the creative side just giving it a little more flow to the page.


I can understand why so many people like this design. It is familiar, this design is the same as 80% of the web of 2021. And it’s great to see your efforts, but this is the road to loss of identity. Your website looks like a small bank that provides credit services. It’s not about Wonderland, it’s not about innovation. What I like is the horizontal stats bar.


Appreciate your thoughts but think more of this of an idea of the content we could provide more so than a design like mentioned in the thread its more wireframes so that it doesn’t focus on the visual those added images are just for inspiration. Its more the things that could be available to better support the community and the members wishing to take part further.


I see, thank you. Whatever my opinion, how do you look at editing your first post and writing in more detail why you made this design? If you are proposing to evaluate the architecture, then explain what work you have done.
Like why on the second block you placed ecosystem products? Why did you decide to remove the documentation in the upper bar? Why did you decide to make the main page long? What problems did you solve?
I don’t want to be rude. I just act as the user’s advocate. And I’m wondering: did you take into account the wishes of my client about the ease of use of the website, or were you guided by your own desire to fit all the content that you have?

Again I think you are looking to deep into it, the post states that its made for a rough idea of what it could provide and not what it should its just simply my opinion on ideas as well as based on things I have discovered through interviews with dani on AMAs. All the content that is within this design is just the information that exists currently but scattered amongst the internet, They are things consistently talked about within the discord or forums. I am unsure what you mean when you talk about the wishes of your client however? Who is your client?

I think the post clearly states why I made the designs,

  1. To enable simple access to knowledge for users
  2. To unite all aspects of the website
  3. To provide a rough idea of the information that could be provided.

It states that these are wireframes and not a design they are rough implementations of blocks that could provide users with a support network.

Well, if the goal was only to collect all the content that is there, then you are right. I was too critical. Regarding my client - a frog, that is, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, that is, an ordinary person who wants to gain access to the financial instruments of Wonderland. For the most part, the composition of all these blocks confuses me, I think the new user will get confused too, and so far the user experience of a potential frog has not been taken into account. But if you weren’t working on it, then I should have kept quiet, I’m sorry.

I won’t say much because i dont know if we push this as DAO should or we wait to see if dani comes up with his idea for an website containing all frog nation.

So my concern here is that it is a bit sterile, suit like.

Really cool design, it could use maybe a bit more color but I like the minimalist style. It looks professional/positive, gives off better vibes and is way better than the current page. I like the blue color on the page fitting to the wonderland icon. There already was a snaphot vote a month ago where the community voted against the cheshire cat. I hope the team sees this and likes it and the people vote for it, so it can be maybe even improved upon and be used.

Edit: Also dark mode would be needed for sure