Wonderland will die if we dont fix this!

Dont get me wrong. Avalanche is great, it works fantastic. But there is no guarantee that Avalanche will be perfect. Look at TRON, Tether deployed billions of dollars of their stablecoin there and are now leaving the chain as fast as they can. Solana is the biggest alternative chain with smart contracts relative to ethereum and goes down regurlarly, it is also vulnerable to DDOS attacks. Something that did not start happening until it became popular.

If Wonderland is to become a truly safe investment. We need a multichain approach. Also, the business case is there. All these chains want a rebase dApp with reliable and trustworthy actors who will not rug them. Wonderland can provide that with Dani and the team!

And, Wonderland needs more assets to create its backing… We need hedge our bets, both asset-wise and chain-wise! Wonderland should NOT go down if Avalanche goes down!

We should also use our advantage of being able to do dynamic moves with our trust in the team. We need to use our high APY as a boon to convert more people into frogs.

The vision is that every chain has the Wonderland dApp. Every. Single. One.


I would love to hear some dev’s analysis of this concept and discuss feasibility… I suspect each chain you add would slow down the dApp as well as introducing new points of vulnerability as it tried to resolve the state of the account between all those different blocks…

Right now, we can bridge over to Ethereum and Fantom and maybe a few other places, but there are liquidity issues when you chain-hop. Each chain has to have sufficient volume and depth to keep the price sane, right? It might be possible for the dApp to arbitrage this and actually profit from it, but it’s the sort of thing that would likely require a LOT of tooling behind the scenes.

Interesting idea in any case, thanks for proposing it!


If I’m not mistaking this is actually Daniele’s view! He is a fan of a cross-chain world as you’ve might been noticed so it’s only a question of time. Moreover he is really keen on bridging technologies so, I suppose, we won’t have a lot of migration problems during this process!


It looks like with the latest iOS update 15.1.1 the web app doesn’t connect correctly to MetaMask. There is an error that reads “Page Not Found”. I’m connected to the Avalanche network and have been able to successfully stake TIME on the desktop but the mobile version seems to have some quirks. Even more now than before.

I also share the same belief here. One of the challenges is that there are lots of ETH and BTC holders that would gladly stake for the APY rewards on Wonderland but at the moment gas fees are quite high to convert to AVAX and the bridges available are also limited. It took me quite some time (no pun intended) to figure out how to wrap ETH then convert to AVAX. After the gas fees it was hard a hard pill to swallow. On the bright side AVAX did offer up some free tokens to offset the transaction cost for their bridge. Perhaps TIME could offer an accelerated APY for bridged transactions or additional TIME (sort of the same thing) to make the swap a little less painful.

Fees aside, just having some instructional videos like traderjoexyz (and like on AVAX’s website ) would be super helpful in making people more comfortable with using Wonderland platform.

Other things that are nice to see are analytics or graphs - time series analysis within the app. Things like APY, TLV, Number of Stakers/Minters etc over the past 30, 60, 90 days etc…

Hope this helps.


Confirmed during the latest AMA, if I am not mistaken?

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It happens the same to me in my mobile, and after being able to connect throw my computer, now I cant stake my TIME, this message appears:
{“code”:-32603,“message”:“Internal JSON-RPC error.”,“data”:{“code”:-32000,“message”:“execution reverted”}}
Any ideas?

Try the support chat on Discord.

Need for AVAX for gas fee.

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You don’t have enough avax to cover the gas fee I agree in that the error message should be more user friendly

Solana gets DDOS and network attacked bc it’s highly centralized and it’s a big weakness of that network. Avalanche is by far the best chain to run this on by a long shot. If anything we should be considering if Wonderland should move to it’s own EVM subnet on Avalanche. The AVAX devs just deployed this feature and it’s gonna be massive for the bigger projects that want their own application specific blockchain.


Do you really believe Avalanche is capable of falling? And isn’t TRON network doing big things as of recently?

There is no better chain to be building on right now than Avalanche. Trying to get cute and build this on other chains is just a distraction IMO.

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If Dani finally gets his hands on Sushi then it would be a killer combo. You could basically use bonding to provide liquidity to Sushi in every chain they are deployed, there’s an ohm fork already aiming to do something similar, vikings finance (fellas from eleven finance), so far they are not being very successful ( they launched when btc was shitting the bed…) but yeah it’s a win win for everybody.

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Its happening!!!

Daniele on twitter is writing:

January Wonderland 2.0 Multichain


He’s probably thought of it before and th reason why he wanted to get his hands on Sushi, but yeah, happy to see the ship sailing !

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wonderland 2.0 multichain is on the action item list so sayth Dani via twitter today. THIS WILL NOT BE AN ISSUE…also you could have used popsicle-another DANI project- which is what time wonderland is a liquidity find raiser for. @autodidact and also if you get an error message about staking…you need like 1 avax in your wallet to do the .0000000001 avax fee of staking @gabyK

RenVM could solve the bridging issue, then a contract can be written and a frontend thrownup. RenVM built by the Ren team already has bridges to Solana (being used by Abracadabra to briddge MiM), Cosmos, Polkadot, TerraLuna, Polygon, Fanotm, and BSC.

Their is also a community ecosystem fund that the darknode operators have control of to make this happen. I am a Darknode operator and TIME holder and can see this as a partnership to make these dreams a reality


It would definitely give peace of mind knowing that if avalanche goes down we are still operational.

Isn’t this why they are actually exploring the acquisition of Sushy? Looks like we are already going cross-chain.

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