Wonderland x The Obsidian Council Partnership

Hi, everyone.

I represent The Obsidian Council. We are essentially a DAO without a token with the sole purpose to bring together a group of extraordinary people who are hustling and creating together. Members of our group range from: Doctors, Analysts, Ted Speakers, CEO’s, Programmers, Parents, Life Coaches, Students, Other Large YouTube Creators (like Jesse Eckel), Traders and Investors (crypto, traditional, and real estate), Accountants, Actors, Artists, Economists, Marketing Specialists, Lawyers, Engineers (mechanical, software, and computer), Blockchain Developers, Musicians, Teachers, Pastors, Web Developers, App Developers, Event Managers, Small Business Owners, E-Sports Executives, and just normal people who are pushing and pursuing extraordinary goals and to solve some of the biggest problems facing the cryptocurrency world as a whole.

The first problem that we are aiming to solve is that of otherwise extremely high quality projects being tanked due to enormous sell offs from the same people that were placed in positions of trust in their community due to the time investment that is required to earn a spot on a whitelist. That’s why we came up with WaaS (Whitelisting as a Service) where we supply high quality whitelister’s as an asset to your community to provide a solid foundation for the long-term and are willing to vest their funds to prove their commitment to your project.

We launched just two weeks ago and have already worked successfully with projects like Pixel DAO and Zeroshift DAO, as well as have created a platform for other projects that are still in the process of spreading the word to be able to share what they working on through AMA’s that we host in our group.

I am reaching out to see if Wonderland is interested in working with us as we are genuinely wanting to help build your community for the long-term. A lot of our members are already invested in Wonderland and would be delighted to be involved with you directly.

Feel free to DM me on Discord directly to coordinate a call to talk more in-depth about this.

So, I don’t know how active (if at all) the team is on the forum. The best way to tag them is normally on the Discord or maybe even on Twitter.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll give that a shot.

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