Wrap MEMO on exact rebase block

Hi all,

I was wrapping my MEMO right around the time the rebase happened.
I am curious if anyone knows if you miss out on a rebase due to the wrap happening on the same block as the rebase. I am also curious if you miss out on a rebase if you transfer wMEMO/MEMO on the rebase block.

Is there a way to tell via block explorer if I missed a rebase or not?

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if you wrapped it then dont worry about it. i mean you could check the amount in abracadabra in the wrap tab but you would have had to check that literally when you wrapped it. by now theres no telling. but im sure youre good. just next time avoid the whole issue and buy wmemo straight from sushi with mim! then its already wrapped, no rebase missing at all! hope this helps @FrogDude