Wrap on Wonderland site, paid fee, still shows Memo

Seems pretty simple - click on Wrap, select max, authorize, approve the Avax fee, then should be done. But Wonderland site and metamask still show Memo balance the same figure and 0 (zero) balance for wMemo. Snowtrace confirms transaction was successful. What am I missing?

Refresh, try again.

Its a 2 step process just like when you staked.
Step 1 approve, step 2 wrap.

Just tried again, paid fee again, and this time it went through and showed up on Metamask. Not sure why I had to do everything twice, but at least it worked.

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That’s just how it works. Approve, then wrap.

Thank you. Appreciate your help.

Just went over and wrapped my memo and refreshed it and it does show it has been wrapped. Do I lose the reward now ?, because my reward up next is 0 now since I wrapped. It does show a next reward yield amount. Little confused on this whole thing now. I’ve invested in this almost 2 months ago and did it as a long term thing and had a grasp on it then but now just drawing a blank since all the changes have happened. Little help would be great.

Why do I not see any ‘wrap function in app.wonderland.money? Is it because of using browser in MM mobile?

As long as you have wMEMO in your wallet, yoir good.

The site shows MEMO rewards and you dont get those anymore. Whem you have wMEMO it becomes worth more MEMO every rebase.

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Try turning your phone sideways or go in Abra to wrap.