WTM shares new deflationary and scarcity base model of WONDERLAND

My first proposal 5 day’s ago had just 1 like probably I didn’t elaborate it enough . Let’s start with some basics. Bitcoin is called digital gold because of one main attribute scarcity.Means only a fix supply divisible where even a fraction divided up to 100 million units it’s a value.
Now what we don’t have in crypto yet and we need is the digital platinum and Wonderland have this capacity to provide it.
Now looking backwards let’s annalise briefly what went wrong on Timewonderland.
In big picture that everyone missed so far is one simple issue 80%selling and 20%holding or buying. What create this situation was the slippage between Time and Wmemo.
Now accordingly to other proposal from The Professor yes having two tokens it does cresting market friction is like one compete with the other triggering the price to fall in one side or another or both as we seen recently because Time and Wmemo moves slightly different and if there’s an arbitrage on quick sell off is what actually happened well adding Sifu adding the FUD and nonetheless you’ll be surprised but the calculator this was necessary to help most of inexperienced investors for the first time in some Defi project to Hold them assets locked. Sudden moves aren’t recommend mostly when you’re aware that not only your coin is volatile but your holders too.
WTime shares is this new proposal is a improvement take it like a new that needs to replace the old one.
WTime shares is created by scarcity model similar to Bitcoin were we need to burn 90%of existing Time supply and merging with Wmemo creating WTM .
WTM properties are
1.Scarcity mean to every sale of WTM the WTM sold are burned and redeemed according with their units
2.Deflationary WTM has a initial fixed total supply equal with Maximum supply however the circulationg supply it will get lower due to redemption and sales off when those tokens would be burned.
3.Divisibility. Mean that WTM shares will be initially divided into a fix number of units backed by a stable Coin Mim or Tether etc
After the calculation of conversion between Time and Wmemo a initial price would be established and by consensus this will be by protocol and encryption the initial division or initial acquired units for WTM.
A rough example let’s suppose that 1WTM would be evaluated at 1000 USD this it has 1000 units therefore by consensus this will be divisible in 1000 units only and this can be established by the Protocol mean that WTM has 1000 blocks each one been backed by 1 USD in stable coin.
Once WTM price grows it acquires more units so it does increase in value adding the number of units in which is divisible again.
For example WTM grows to 1500 USD on the market then acquires 1500 units and is divisible by 1500. It cannot be sold under the acquired units as once is sold the Coins will be burned along with the acquired units.Sow whomever wants to buy back it has to do to a slightly higher price because the coin is becoming more scarcer and it does growing in demand.
Necessary conditions to mint WTM are
1.Exclusively by staking WTM having the same proprieties as Wmemo we can deposit Avax and Fantom and stake it against those coins will receive our WTM units or WTM coins.
WTM acquires compund interest and Apy same as Time only in conditions that. The staking contract is minimum 1 year ( including those who staked Time and Wmemo holders after)
2. Whenever WTM is unstaked it will be automatically burned and redeemed against mim or crypto Avax or FTM.
3. Can be bridgeable and for incentivise the holders can be staked on both chains simultaneously however on the same limit of supply.
Apy and staking rewards compund interest must be existing in Timewonderland because this is the magnet that attracts new investors keeping the flow in of new liquidity.
However WTM shares combine the Apy with profit shares as per different staking contracts with 1 year minimum and everything that cross 1 year will benefit from profit shares after this cooling off period where the treasury fund need growth and expansion in value.
A scarce model of token would be beneficial as well this as portion in hands of DAO could be sold in exchanges.If spell made it to Coinbase listing we have to dear to think big WTM has potential to be listed on Coinbase or other big exchanges if

  1. The project is audited by more than 1 audit companies
  2. A new management made it publicly and fully visible for the public as XRP or Crypt.com have their teams visible.
  3. Organising a communication and professional marketing centre.
  4. Improving security on the platform as hackers became more sophisticated and only a hardware wallet isn’t sufficient ,the platform needs to have possibility to connect a Yubico key as security measure ,assets password and 2fa code when you open the app before connecting your wallet.
    Recently I was hacked on 7th of January this year I wouldn’t argue whatever was taken from my wallet but I will always argue those 3.15 Time they were toked directly from the platform. If there were those security measures I doubt it thet would be thet easy for them to take it. Security of funds must be made it a clinical priority because a weak wallet can compromise not only the funds of one person the person who has been hacked as myself but they could get deeper access into everyone assets and possibly to produce a cataclysm were recently other Defi registered huge amount of loses due hacking.
    As a final conclusion The professor proposal has some good points same as Wonderland 2.
    What I propose is this this new engine can be integrated as well on both projects both have good points as well .
    I believe that the last word must be taken by the real professional mean Danielle and the team.
    What we could help is providing the necessary information in helping the DaO to make the best decision.
    Thank you for reading this.
    The Engineer.

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