ZOGS NATION: a game concept

  1. Introduction
    Daniele Sestagali, Wonderland’s front man, has already said in an interview that he intends to turn $TIME into the currency of several blockchain games and, for that, will develop a game capable of showing the potential of $TIME as an economic asset.

I’m not Daniele, but anyway I’d like to share with the community my vision of what the first game in the Wonderland universe would be like.

  1. The concept

ZOGS NATION is a 2D platform medieval/steampunk MMORPG game where players take control of a humanoid frog-like creature to explore a multi-layered underground fantasy world.

Like any good RPG, ZOGS gameplay revolves around character evolution. But unlike other games, the ZOGS experience will not be limited to killing insects to level up. ZOGS NATION will provide the typical interactions of games, but, above all, it will allow the development of a metaverse focused on social relations and finance management, uniting everything in one.

However, ZOGS’s proposal is not to replace instagram or replace decentralized finance platforms, but rather to serve as a bridge to all this, facilitating the creation of networking and uniting common interests.

  1. Game mechanics
    3.1. Zogs
    Zogs are the playable characters within the ZOGS NATION universe. Each Zog is visually unique. This means that no Zog will have the same physical characteristics as another Zog. For this to be possible, the Zogs will be obtained by minting an NFT with random attributes. The attributes are: (i) frog type; (ii) size; (iii) skin color; (iv) shape of the primary spot; (v) primary spot color; (vi) type of ltongue; (vii) tongue color; (viii) eye shape; (ix) eye color; (x) color of the region around the eyes; (xi) pattern of double chin stains; (xii) color of jowls; (xiii) set of accessories.

Some attributes will be rarer than others. Thus, as some attribute combinations will be rarer than others. But that won’t influence anything but appearance. Also, some items may change the appearance of Zogs in-game, such as weapons and armor, clothing, accessories, tattoos, etc.

In order to make the game fun and fair, all Zogs will start with no advantages over each other. This means that the Zogs’ starting battle stats will be the same for everyone. However, players can buy Zogs already evolved by other players. Battle attributes are: (i) hit points; (ii) energy points; (iii) strength; (iv) magic; (v) physical defense; (vi) magic defense; (vi) dexterity (movement speed, attack speed, dodge chance and critical hit chance).

Each time a Zog levels up it will receive a point boost in all stats. However, players will also be able to allocate points for attributes of their choice.

3.2. ZOGS NATION Universe
Tired of the traditional banking system and other boring things created by humans, the frogs – which, secretly, are the most intelligent species on earth – decided to look for a new place to live and buy lambos. That’s when they came across a shiny rabbit hole full of mushrooms and other treasures…

In the world of ZOGS NATION, players can venture into a story mode with other players focused on exploring the underground, battling mutant bears and other creatures, joining guilds and battling against each other, collecting materials, developing professions. , building cities, etc.

The underground will have numerous layers.

The overlay will be the closest to the surface, where, in each session, all players will pass before going to other layers. In it is located the Nation, the universal city of the Zogs. It is a peaceful place for commerce between players, global chat, streaming, advertising, launching new games and tokens, etc. Certain Nation neighborhoods can be acquired through an auction system and will allow not only external customization but also internal customization through the creation of sub-layers (houses, establishments, banks, venues for events, etc.).

The Default Layers will be free and common access, and will be used for the development of the game’s story. Many of the regions in these areas will be immutable to ensure story linearity, however, they will have some locations customizable by guild staff members who own the rights to that layer. The rights over a region (customization, taxes, rents etc) can be contested every 60 (sixty) days through a guild war. The winning guild will also be able to rent the rights to other guilds.

The guild layers will be fully customizable locations by guilds, which may allow access only to their members or to the entire community. The guild layer cannot be contested and will only be deleted upon guild extinction.

Underlayers are the most dangerous and most rewarding places for daring players. Access to each sublayer will require a specific level and can be explored individually or in groups.

3.3. Items

In order not to turn ZOGS NATION into a boring pay to win game, NFT items that influence gameplay can only be obtained or forged within the game. However, occasionally there will be sales of limited numbers of NFT cosmetic items for customizing Zogs (accessories, clothing, special effects for abilities, expressions, tattoos, emojis, etc). At each new collection, items different from the previous ones will be sold to guarantee the scarcity of each object. In addition, there will be sales of items necessary for customizing the world, creating advertising, building environments, etc.

Zogs will be able to use a number of equippable items to get stronger on their journey, such as (i) weapons; (ii) pectorals; (iii) helmets; (iv) gloves; (v) boots, (vi) mounts; (vii) covers; (viii) gliders; (ix) necklaces, (x) rings, (xi) bracelets, (xii) scrolls. Zogs can obtain these items in PvE by killing bosses, events, etc. In addition, these objects can be forged and improved through a crafting skill system (blacksmith, seamstress, craftsman and craftsman).

To get the materials used in the forging system, Zogs will have to harvest all sorts of materials and learn to refine and manipulate them.

The game will also feature a number of other consumable items, such as potions, meals, books for learning and improving skills and professions. These items will also depend on resource harvesting and profession system to be obtained.

3.4. economy and commerce
ZOGS NATION is a blockchain based game that allows basically anything that has value to the community to be traded in cryptocurrencies, this includes not just items, but item rights, region rights, rewards participation rights, rents, data and much more.

As for the tokeneconomics part, I will need the help of the specialists, both to obtain and to demand the coins.

Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is to create a healthy, harmonious and cyclical economy for $Time and for an in-game currency (how about Frog Magic Credit Card ($FMCC) ?).

For example, minting a ZOG might require staking and burning $TIME.

Thank’s for your time. This is just a very early draft of the idea. If you like I can tell you more about what I thought for the story, ambient, metaverse, social media, guilds, classes, items and abilities. Feel free to make any suggestions.

Edit 1: Complementing the story, I’d like to leave something a little nebulous for players, as they get hints throughout the game about what happened to the earth and the human race and why the frogs fled underground.

For the classes, I’m thinking something really steampunk as the game’s premise is a world where humans exist (or have existed), and therefore we’ll be able to see technology and references to things from the surface: mage subclasses mimicking the power of the sun, using radioactive artifacts etc. Rangers using all types of ranged weapons from bows to rifles.


Nice! I like it! We need such ideas


Interesting idea, I like it.

Must say must say that’s one of a hell good idea for starters. Perfect thought not to turn a game into p2w, cause that would just kill the game. Would be a good idea also to add other underground territories later separately from the main one to let players build their own nations or sth like that, so a whole world could be created which would further on create a whole massive economy with in the game. The main underground could be like a capitol.

I like the game idea for sure. It’s hard to describe the mechanics for how a game would be played out without having actual experience building games from the ground up. I would imagine a full fled game that is of high calibre would take some time building, multiple years in fact. These details would be the nitty gritty that needs to be fine tuned but overall the idea is solid.

Yes! Finally info on this! I love it!

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I like the idea but I’m not sure if a 2d game would be suitable for a good MMO. Perhaps an isometric view like Ultima Online?

It can also work although an isometric view can affect some of the aesthetics of the underground


I want to see more proposals like this instead of 100 posts on staking lockups to prevent rebase hopping


Agreed, a play to earn game would be incredible!

This is excellent @vicevega , thanks for spending the time to write this. The idea of making it the game for the frogs & the ZOGS name is smart. Got a few suggestions/comments with the hope of furthering the conversation:

On evolving ZOGS: it would be great if MEMO could be incorporated into evolution. Perhaps MEMO could be “staked” to particular attributes or individual ZOGS to accelerate evolution. This would incentivize staking. MEMOries allow us to learn, to remember, a tie in so it makes sense as a game mechanic.

On minting ZOGS with TIME: This is critical imho. Dilution from rebases is the #1 threat to Wonderland’s health & TIME price. We need a way to burn TIME to help offset this. Forcing TIME to be burned in order to mint ZOGS & play the game is a great way to make this happen (of course you could just buy ZOGS from other players, but many people will want to build their own characters). I cannot stress enough how big this could be for supply, especially if the game took off.

On the Alice in Wonderland Theme: As we are Wonderland, it would be great to have facets of the game on theme. My idea would be 3 separate realms: an ICE arctic realm, a SPELL wizard fantasy realm, and a TIME/MEMO Wonderland realm. Each realm could have various opportunities unlocked with the realm’s respective token. This could bring many frogs not yet in Wonderland into the fold, incentivizing them to buy TIME to mint ZOGS, staking for MEMO to advance evolution, and then having certain weapons, armor, buffs etc accessible with SPELL & ICE. Ammo for weapons/powers/abilities be paid in frog ecosystem tokens could also be huge. Want to cast an extremely powerful spell to buff a character mid fight? Pay for it with SPELL & that is promptly burned. Have a powerful weapon to be fired to win a fight? Pay for that firing/ammo with TIME, which is also burned. This could be incredibly powerful for supply.

I’ve got a few more ideas but this has gotten pretty long so I’ll end it there. Love to hear everyones thoughts on this & their own ideas. @vicevega I’d like to make a thread on your idea as it takes shape, to help bring folks on Twitter in on what’s happening with a game idea & hopefully some passionate people can come here & help build this out. Cheers frogs


Great game idea @vicevega, thank you for the TIME you spent writing this! I definitely cannot wait to see how your idea evolves over TIME (puns intended)! :smiley:


Great add-on, thank you for sharing your thoughts, I like it a lot! :+1:

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I think this is a great idea. I was also thinking that we could implement NFT rewards for people that stake for certain periods of time. These could be in-game items that would give your character a boost, as well as be tradeable in a market. You could also implement limited edition NFTs that pay out at the maturity of certain Minted contracts.

That’s a perfect idea! Especially if someone really talented makes the graphics, god it would be amazing! But tbh i’m not really sure about 2D format. In my opinion this idea will work much better if it will be something like Warcraft 3 / Warcraft Orcs & Humans kind of thing. No doubt it would be much harder - but also a potential impact can increase drastically.

Also I want to mention, besides all cool features and UI/UX stuff, game economy is what really maters at this kind of project! So it need to be really smart, maybe not like in Civilization or so, but nevertheless. At the end, I want to thanks the author one more time for his work and imagination!


Good concept but the naming/branding sucks

Great starting point!

Creating a playable MOMRPG that’s fun, holds players attention and has good tokenized incentives is really challenging.

How do we properly orientate a proper value structure for new and old players? How do we Keep the game fair, balanced and sustainable for decades?

TIME= a market basket of various tokens, avax, Mim, spell ect. The value of each TIME token is the total value of backed assets divided by the outstanding supply.

I propose we use TIME token as the backing currency to the game. Players stake a minimal “x” amount of TIME, and are rewarded for participating with the game dynamics. Going on raids, crafting items and participating in the localized market structure.

Every player earns a randomized NFT (loot metric) that can have a variety of randomized stats unique to each player experience. A player can apply that NFT to any in game player, weapon, potion, land, building, ect.
Players that stake more in game TIME earn a skew in the randomness towards better items/or have beat/played more difficult levels will earn high level and more powerful NFTs (loot metrics)
These NFT could be applied to any in game item, which allows players to create their own value on in game content.

I believe value can comes from player creativity. Each player has opportunities to use rewards to create unique in game items that could be sold or traded both in the real world and in game metaverse.

An example would look something like this:

Player 1 (stakes 1 TIME token). Character value now = at least 1 time token.

Player 1 beats a dungeon level and earns in game NFT.

NFTs will have a randomized stats that will create a unique crafting situation. The randomized stats will be skewed in congruence to their stake amount and the proportion to the entire network. ( how farming pays out by % of stake pool).

Player 1 now pairs his/her earned NFT to a sword. Sword now is paired to an NFT essentially minting a new in game item. Paired value is a combination of Player 1 stake and the NFT paired to the sword.

Player 1 keeps playing, they earn more in game tokens to apply to items. The sword has now been reminted with multiple NFTs (loot metrics) they have earned. Shape, design, colors, and attributes all become conditions of players choice. Essentially creating unique in game content.

Player1 sells the sword for .2 TIME which can be used to purchase other player created content, or redeemed for its TIME price. NFT’s can be applied and players grow value from playing, crafting, and spending their tokens.

With players being able to create unique in game content this could create a robust community and marketplace. Unique items can be sold and used throughout this meta world. Giving it uniqueness and utility.

I hope this can help generate some really great ideas. #teamfrogs :frog:


This is great, we can surely make interactions between TIME, SPELL and ICE, but it have to be simple. it Will not be a good experience for players if they need to leave the game, exchange their TIMEs for other crypto’s, then back to perform in-game actions. This is not smooth. I wonder if will it be possible to create an in-game exchange platform? Would be epic.

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@Papagoff I personally loved this system. A very important thing here is like make the branding of this NFT asset which will be used to improve the other items. I mean this NFT will not have a end in it self, on the contrary: will be a way to achieve the improve of other asset. Given its importance it must have something appealing in relation to the game’s environment and story, it can’t be a simple random NFT. Think about that.

Another thing, iIm not sure if I understand it right because my english is not very good. But when applying this NFT to another asset, we will always have a random result, but according to your stake in TIME you would have better chances of getting good stats. That’s it? I like this dynamic because while it encourages you to have a staked team, it doesn’t make the game pay to win (which is a big concern).

Other dynamics to be considered in this context: 1 - doing certain activities with the item improved by the special NFT will generate rewards that will be progressive increase according to the amount of improvements.

2- after a certain number of upgrades, a new upgrade will require a progressive amount of tokens to be performed and will have a chance of failing.

3- The special NFT item that allows for the upgrades must be scarce

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In this senecio players would want to stake more, to gain advantages, and what ever the amount the stake amount must be more then zero to play. So everyone has skin in the game literally.

I think we all want stable growth for TIME. We want to encourage players to stake a “sweet spot”, and not dump.

With the NFT portion your understanding is correct. A player earns an NFT. These NFTs would be blank canvas for them to create their own items. NFTs in the game would be essentially a crafting token.

So let’s say you have 3 earned NFTs. You could apply them all to crafting a weapon. One NFT might give you +3 HP while wielding. Another would give you +4 damage and the last +2 shield. Combined and applied to a weapon. A player can then design their own weapon and then all 3 NFTs would be redeemed and minted to a new unique in game item specific to that player and their instance.

I hope this clarifies. I really appreciate all the feedback! :frog::mechanical_arm:🤌