Allocate $$ to marketing/communication tools

Hello guys

While I am very happy with how Sifu, Dani and the team are managing the treasury I think the biggest area of improvement remains around Marketing and Communication.

I think Wonderland needs to step up in the following areas: (sorry for my English)

  1. The landing website: for someone who knows nothing about Wonderland, the site tells you nothing. If you check out Olympus site, for instance, it explains much more about the project, looks more professional and overall the UI/UX is neat. We can definitely do better!

  2. Branding: what’s our brand image? Is it the scary cat? Alice? Sand timer? Still not clear. Different look and feel int he damp vs the Wonderland page vs Twitter. We need consistency

  3. dapp: besides a dashboard I think we could make the dapp unique and not like every other DAO. I am not suggesting to re-invent the wheel but check out Rome DAO, it has its unique branding

  4. Communication: we have 91k followers on Twitter. I think this is the biggest unlock! Tell the people what you guys are doing with the treasury, future plans, build and maintain a community around #FROGNATION, do a fucking memecoin or something. $JADE is probably benchmark when it comes to marketing

We are definitely the best DAO out there so let’s position ourselves as the #1 in terms of marketing too.

We have $765M in the treasury so spending a bit of money on a professional team that manages Marketing and Communication is alright


Great ideas.

I think that the main page should also include a table with treasury and live changes of prices, assets, etc.


I agree with the sentiment that it would be beneficial if branding were shored up and everyone got on the same page in terms of marketing. The Discord server still uses the hourglass as the server icon, the Twitter account uses the Cheshire Cat icon, and dispersed throughout their usages is the image of Alice falling.

These are all images that we associate with Wonderland, being that we’re probably a bit user-biased and just automatically associate with Wonderland as a community. However, I understand that for newcomers it may be difficult to link the hourglass, cat, and falling woman, if they don’t know what Alice in Wonderland, the movie, is, or what an invisible, scary-looking Cheshire Cat has to do with all of it.

My point is that before throwing good money at the problem (money that could be generating our yield), I would like to see some base-level management of the across-the-board socials shored up. I’m likely mistaken, but Sifu may not be well equipped, or is just simply too busy managing an $800,000,000 investment fund to fully care about updating the Twitter picture, Discord picture, and source people to fix things up for the platform. I know I would definitely delegate that out to someone if I were in his shoes, personally.

Whatever the case may be, I’m a proponent of DIY before just throwing money at the issue and hoping we find someone who does things right. There are plenty of people in the Wonderland management arsenal to pull from to do this, and this is just one area of many to be discussed and for us to ping that we want worked on.


Definitely agree, big up!
Simple animated videos explaining the main point of the project would be great.
The more people that get in, the better


I agree very much, and at the same time, we should strengthen the marketing interaction of Twitter and increase the exposure of the project.


That’s a really great one. It is a very painful process to find out such things as treasury allocations and APY history. More people would be less scared to jump into the rabbit hole if all of those important charts would be on the dashboard.

I also suggest it to be more interactive in one or another way. That’s will be a true friendly user-experience!


TIME has grown on it’s own merit. I don’t think it requires any additional marketing. What it may need is clearler instructions for noobs to bridge tokens to Avax etc. Making it more accessible for the layman.

I can get onboard with the landing. It looks ‘cool and disruptive’ but it doesn’t instill confidence to the average user. Not all crypto investors are degens.

I think something could be said about gamification and possibly adding some sort of rewards, daily checkins, tasks, badges, etc. This is popular and a growing trend online.


Hello everyone,

We need to make the project easier to understand.

The explanation documents available on the site are very explicit, but given that we live in a world where we are overwhelmed by information.

It would be necessary to make the experience of comprehension more pleasant by realizing an explanatory video type powerpoint.
With the different money movements from the stakers, treasury and protocols, it would reassure everyone.


I like the ideia, we could allocate part of the treasury to marketing and communication to increase awareness about the projects and it’s updates.

We don’t need to create a memecoin tho.

I actually think the branding of this project is TERRIBLE. Not just disjointed but actively bad.

Alice falling down the rabbit hole as the logo? I associate that with insanity and parabolically falling prices.
Even the hour glass isn’t great, I associate that with something valuable trickiling away uncontrollably.
The terryfing cheshire cat on the website? Highly predatory, looks like it wants to eat my investment.

It actually looks like some kind of weird darkweb website. Didn’t scare me because I believe in Dani but it will scare the odd investor a way I’m telling you.

Keep a subtle Alice in Wonderland theme, but I think everything should be rebranded COMPLETELY.

Looking Glass Protocol sounds cool and less vague and weird.


I think the name time is very good, and being friends with time fits the theme of this project, but the UI and some LOGO designs can indeed be better.


Love the idea! Allocate more money to marketing and communication. Webpage should have a video from Daniele explaining the vision of Wonderland. A roadmap would be very helpful on the main page. When people anticipate an event happening in the roadmap, there would be anticipation, hype and excitement. This in turn makes the discord community lively and bubbly. The tweets automatically increase, thereby giving free publicity.


Being in the marketing industry for nearly 7 years, judging by the potential of what Wonderland has, I believe a lot of money should be put into marketing & communication.

From my experience, it’s best to take what’s working from other big players in the industry and adapt it to Wonderland.

  1. Part of the JADE Marketing might be REALLY helpful for us, though needs slightly improved.

Why? Because they build a “cult-like” community which is pretty big ( people love being part of something bigger than themselves ).
JADE is a bit too aggresive on that and misses some imporant pain points the audience have which generates less credibility ( Wonderland can easily fix this )

  1. We can also borrow the game-ifying aspect of RomeDAO ( seems to be a pretty big hit in terms of trust )

  2. The front-end face of the website must directly hit to investor’s most critial pain points ( see MetaversePRO ) and we can also make it even better.

If you want me to help you directly with it, let me know and we can create some powerful tactics for Wonderland.


For your first point regarding UI/UX, Sifu mentioned that they are already working on it.

Agreed with the rest of your points though


I believe everyone in the protocol will be benefited by getting Wonderland / TIME better marketed. We can definitely pay some professionals with $TIME as a reward for doing that.

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100% down to up the marketing game and get more educational videos option on the website as well.


100% agree. I’ve been in this project for a white and have full confidence in Sifu but hunting up his comments in Discord every day to figure out what’s going on with the protocol is a sign that marketing/communications for Wonderland doesn’t exist. There are much smaller, less-based projects out there that run circles around this one from a communications and marketing standpoint. I’m less concerned about marketing because Wonderland markets itself I(altho still belive we need it. ) At a minimum, clear and updated communication is hugely important for continued growth.


Isn’t that -partly- our job as the Community to fill out the Wonderland?

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I feel like most of my confidence in the project comes from knowing the treasury is there to back the Intrinsic price as high as possible when the market crashes. Knowing it’s getting spent on stuff like marketing would not raise my confidence after all it’s a platform for Other projects to be launched. We should be counting on Games and NFTs being launched exclusively on (or favoring/promoting) Time, and counting on the creators of those Games and NFTs to market.


this is exactly what I was thinking. Promoting it as education is another route that I think is slept on. To educate the community more on the allocations

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