[DAO Discussion] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu

[DAO Discussion] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu


Wonderland has recently announced a governance framework to empower the community and help shape the future of the protocol.

The protocol aims to become a collective that focuses on maximizing treasury growth and controlling revenue distributions.

Sifu has continuously used his experience and expertise to push the protocol forward, grow the treasury and craft plans to increase the longevity of the protocol.

The DAO discussion which will lead to a [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal, is an opportunity for the community to decide whether Sifu should be allowed to continue to incorporate his ideas and vision of Wonderland and manage the treasury with oversight of the multisig, or should be replaced.


By maintaining control over changes to code and control of the treasury, Sifu, will be able to continue to use his experience and expertise to outcompete other DAO treasuries as well as more traditional VC’s and trading firms. Additionally, Sifu continues to build upon his original ideas and long term plans for Wonderland.


The treasury is the foundation of Wonderland and with its nearly $2B USD valuation it becomes a powerful tool to benefit from DeFi opportunities, acquisitions, product launches and liquidity provisioning.

Sifu has been extremely professional and competent in guiding the protocol and managing the treasury.

By continuing to give Sifu full autonomy over changes to code and treasury management, the long term roadmap and the strategy around the treasury remains intact.

Next steps:

Having an informal discussion about maintaining the status quo and adhering to the governance framework to later release the RFC and vote on the dedicated WIP.


and where is the roadmap? we want the clear map

of course sifu’s job is good!


Easiest ‘YES’ vote I can provide. He is already doing an excellent job


I agree to maintaining the status quo and let Sifu continue his great work :+1:


100% yes, let the master of coin do his thing!


keep him!!! just communicate better please…we want this to thrive and he is extremely talented and has accomplished amazing things in a short amount of time. the otc sale of avax at the top alone was amazing to observe


Sifu (and the team) has been doing an amazing job so far. I would vote YES without hesitation.


sounds like the most prudent idea. Opening up make or break decisions to the masses comes with varying opinions and knowledge levels and generally could end up more problematic than if someone seasoned was doing it.


thats a YES from me, He has been doing well thus far


I’m all for keeping the current trend going as well. But I think a very clear concise roadmap would be a great thing to have. Sifu has done a wonderful job thus-far, but it would benefit everyone to understand the vision as a whole and how we might get there.


I always had a good impresson of Sifus work so keep it going!


Wonderland is not wonderland without Dani and Sifu! He is doing a great job and I don’t know anyone in Defi that can do this job than him!


he’s already doing his job properly and he should keep doing it. I keep the status quo​:clap::clap::clap:


why should we fragment the team roight now? there are a reason for this? i dont get it… By the way, this news make a dump in the price :frowning:


I support Sifu. On discord he appears to be very savvy. I also think selling Avax before the last market crash was very astute. Moon boys get wrecked. I’m glad moon boys are not in charge of the treasury.

However, I would feel better if Sifu got some sleep. Can’t fly a plane with no sleep


Absolutely support this. Relying on DAO votes for treasury trades/management would be slow and ineffective. Active management by Sifu is definitely the way to go


Before I cast a vote I would like to know what changes to the code they are planning on implementing along with what changes have already been implemented.

I am leaning towards saying “yes” but I want to make an informed decision. I trust Sifu’s management of treasury funds but I am curious what “changes to code” entails.

Also, where is the roadmap?

Thank-you for reading.


Agree with this decision in this turbulent times. Never the less I agreed with what was said before: to have a “roadmap” would be great: In other words: vision, mission and plan would be fantastic!


What do you mean fragment the team… this is just discussing letting Sifu continue to manage the treasury

if sifu leaves then I’ll leave $TIME as well. I’m betting on sifu and daniele, wonderland without sifu and daniele at the helm is a no go for me.