[DAO DISCUSSION] MOD Compensation Amendment

WIP for Mod Compensation had come and passed at the end of March.

Since this approval, the Mod Team has been essential to bring much needed change to the Wonderland community and governance structure. Despite the hurdles faced internally and horrific market conditions externally, I believe that they have been able to keep conditions here healthy enough to keep the project intact. I believe that they should be compensated beyond the contract - especially also in light that they had begun work in earnest in January. For this, I firmly believe as a retroactive and incentive compensation the MOD team should receive 75,000 MIM as a team.

Looking forward, the MOD team has significant work ahead and Wonderland depends on this. However, given the market conditions and overall global conditions for crypto - that a peace of mind is necessary. As such, I further propose that the MOD team get a prepayment for budget up to January 2023, consisting of mid August 2022 to mid Jan 2023 payments inclusive. This would be 150,000 MIM. (July will be paid on a regular cycle).

Distribution of these payments will be at the absolute full discretion of the lead Mod, Alice.

I would propose that these payments would not be deducted from redemption proceeds.

I ask that this be expedited due to market conditions.


I’m against prepayment for services not rendered sorry. Sorry this isn’t good use of funds and is Essentially free loan that would allow mods to bail and not look back. The monthly payments work fine why would we change this. Honestly the justification is almost hilarious. They never had expectations of payment when they became mods so retroactive payment beyond original wip isn’t in good faith. Otherwise why wasn’t it included when dani told them to write it up?


I think expanding mod pay is good of course, but in my opinion what is more important is expanding team roles within the dao. Any new advancement for rev share and profitability is good and should be a priority along with taking the necessary steps to maintain things properly. If mod pay is expanded we should definitely be working on details to the economics technical arguments and other ideas that would be a positive force.


I understand your argument.

The sum of funds to be spread over an expansive team is not a lot that we are looking at, and I think a level of trust should be granted to Alice to distribute in an equitable manner for all stakeholders interest. I do trust that she has demonstrated a high level of integrity in diligence, and I think we can extend her that level of trust.


But why is it necessary when monthly payments have been happening on time?? It only adds unnecessary risk to an issue which doesn’t exist. I’m not a fan of cash advances especially ones that lack collateral. I think we need to focus on problems that do exist and are immediate concerns.

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Having experience with owning forums and platforms and moderating them I know what it takes to be a (good) mod. You have to be able to take a lot of crap and stay nice about it in the proces.

So paying them and paying them well is a given imo. I also undertstand it is impossible to predict where the market is going in the mid term(Short term lands us below sea level it seems :joy: ) So it makes sense to me to get the funding for it out of the way so we have peace of mind for the operational stuff for the near future. I say do it!

P.S. on the subject of trust: The mods did their thing for free and took the shit, they will do it even better with payment and mods are the type of person that are the absolute last to bail because they are the ones that can take it.


I am ok with this. :orange_heart:


I’m against retroactive payments

I never heard of retroactive payments for a job that was volunteering at first. After the shit happened and the need of a better management, we agreed to pay our moderators and that’s fantastic. But this agreements was the reward for the achievements and commitment of our moderator. I see no point to pay them for the months before.

It’s better to discuss a rise, instead, if they deserve.

I’m also against to pay them in advice.

Given the market conditions WL can blow up like Celsius, terra or 3AC. No one is too big to fall.

Mods cannot take their cut for a year and have the mindset of “Well I had my part… Even if it blows up, i’m fine”. Though, I trust this moderators ( and I want to thank them), what about if there will be future moderators? Will they be paid for a year in advance? Why not?.

A monthly pay is also a incentive to taking care of the company that pays you.

And in the end, moderators had their spotlight, they earn a paycheck. Now we need results for the investors. After that we can discus if moderators deserve more or not

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Just wanted to provided some clarifications on the proposal.

That aside, should it be done? Does it need to be done? Is it a good idea ? Up to the community to decide.

Retroactive pay:
This is something that had been discused before as those that took over after the previous community manager left were told they would be compensated.

Months later, WIP 6 was made and retroactive pay was left out to keep things simple and due to the complexity of distributing those funds with the people that had contributed during that time, but were no longer as active or active at all when WIP 6 came around.

However, even if some/most of the paid mods were worried of the perception this would create following some of the backlash from WIP 6, Sky believed it is deserved and should be paid so he made this proposal.

Advance payment:
To clarify, if the sum of 150k was sent to Alice for compensation, it would still be distributed monthly to the team members as required.

No one would be getting an advance and could just dip with the next three months of salary.

Obviously, in this case, trust in Alice and the rest of the mods is required, but if those team members can’t be trusted, no one in Wonderland can.


I believe it’s in this DAO’s best interest to implement and lock in place. Absolutely voting yes.


100% for this.






To make that clear - the funds would still be distributed monthly, it‘s not an advance payment as such, more like allocating the funds for mod pay to Alice, instead of the treasury so she can do the montly distribution - no matter who is TM or what changes are made.


Thanks for thinking of us Sky!


Thank you Sky for being so considerate and caring for the team even you are leaving at the end of your term you still think of the people whom are staying on and you are absolute correct that Alice is the most trusted person to hold the fund to distribute, she does it fairly for everyone, no other person can match her trustworthiness.


From the mod responses they are essentially saying they don’t trust dani the founder to pay them. If that’s the issue then why not quit when it becomes an issue and leave? This provides a bad look to the community and if the mods lack confidence in dani then why should the community have any trust?

Can you fill the gaps for me ? Which response brought you to that conclusion ?

I said in mine the mods had concerns on how this would look.


I am for this. But I’ll take 5%.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why this is even a conversation. No employer advances many months of pay when they can pay it out themselves timely. I’m also not for retroactive pay. That is an issue you need to take up personally with dani. The dao never agreed to pay mods until mod pay wip submitted was approved by dao. Any promises before that weren’t a dao discussion and were founder personal promises from his personal funds apparently as no dao discussions took place for that.

I completely agree with that . They are essential and really deserve it


Nobody said that they don’t trust Dani, the amount is exactly the same per month no more nor less, the only difference is that 6 months amount will be vesting in the mod team allocation wallet and redistribute each month as usual which is practically the same as what we are doing now every month.