[DAO Discussion] Payment for SkyHopper’s time with Wonderland

I would like to launch this proposal with the intention of providing some form of compensation to SkyHopper for his work with Wonderland.

I feel it would be fair to provide him with a package to reward him for his efforts and the stewardship of our treasury throughout his tenure. His position has not been an easy one from a diplomatic perspective, nor from a political one. One could also argue that the circumstances of WL structure fundamentally impeded his ability to deliver on his objectives.

SkyHopper also adjusted his compensation structure throughout his candidacy for TM based on feedback from influential Wonderland personalities; and I think it would be appropriate to provide him with some form of compensation for his service.

If I remember correctly, he was initially asking for 100k per month before switching to a 100% performance-based fee.

With that in mind, I would propose a 50k one-time payment for the services of him and his team throughout this process.

  • I believe SkyH should be granted 50,000 for his 3 months as TM.
  • I believe SkyH deserves some compensation, but a different final number.
  • I do not believe the DAO should provide any compensation beyond what was agreed upon in WIP 7.

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I agree SkyH should get something, but (in the spirit of what we are), why don’t we just gift him some wmemo instead? Its a vested interest ‘gift’ rather than taking away from the treasury.


That could definitely be a possibility. Nothing wrong with providing a certain number of wMemo instead if that’s what the community would prefer.

I do agree he should get something from this 3 months performance, he kept WL afloat really well during this bear market and deserves some compensation for sure.


We are not responsible for him. We had a deal that both parties agreed on, and as far as I know, both parties kept it. If you want to donate to him outside of our deal, you can do it with your own money.


I agree that we aren’t responsible for him. He did sign up for the role and signed off on the compensation structure.


This part I think is up for serious debate. There were several circumstances where interference impacted SkyH’s ability to deliver on his commitments to WL.

Couple key examples come to mind:

  • Multisig delays
  • CVX bribes
  • UST situation

There may be others, but off the top of my head, these are the most prominent examples. What was agreed upon in WIP 7 under the business requirements:

To fulfill this role, I need full support from Daniele and the Wonderland leadership team as well as this is essential to move things forward.

To me, this part of the deal wasn’t met on our end.

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agreed with your thoughts )

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Still, he is a grown man to negotiate this. This is a business, not a charity. Giving away money just because you feel like we didn’t do something is just… wtf? But the bigger wtf is why are you doing this proactively??? If Skyh thinks he deserves some compensation, again, he is a grown man to come forward.

But you know what? I’m from Eastern Europe in a job role that pays around 1/4th - 1/5th that pays in Austria (300km from here). Are you in your “charity” mood? I lost a lot of money with WL, and I can definitely use 50k USD in my life, so donate that money to me…


I’m doing this because the ethics of the situation don’t sit well with me.

He contributed to Wonderland and I believe it sets a bad precedent for us to move forward without rewarding the efforts of those who have supported the protocol. Especially considering that the obstacles which impeded his success were mostly out of his control.

I won’t assume that he would have made a profit for the WL treasury in this market had those obstacles been non-existent; no one can predict how different things would have been. The facts, as I see them, remain that he was not given all the tools necessary to do the job.

Were I in his position, I wouldn’t come forward and ask for new compensation either based on the optics of that scenario alone. That said, I would appreciate that the community I served would be to open to exploring the possibility of rewarding my efforts.

So let him decide. You maybe feel bad about this, but it’s not your job to act on this matter.


I think if we pay him for anything it should be for the extension. He is staying longer to ensure the quarterly redemption goes smoothly and the treasury is in a good place post redemption. That service alone is worth the $50k in my opinion considering 98% of holders voted for it. Anything prior to that was already negotiated.


I appreciate your position but keep in mind, anyone is free to make recommendations or open discussions for DAO topics to the community.

Where we end up on this topic (or any topic for that matter) is a result of democracy in action. Evidently, we’re not aligned on the subject, and that’s okay - constructive disagreement is productive to progress.

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As of right now - we’re sitting at around 52/48 in favor of some form of compensation for SkyH (based off 23 votes). First time I’ve seen a vote with such a split decision - very interesting IMO.

Hope we can get a bit more feedback and engagement on this subject from the community to better gauge the interest.

I would say at least 200k, the man does not work in a cheap industry… he should be well compensated for his services. How much would we have lost if he had not acted on our behalf in the way he did as treasurer?

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There was an agreement with a fair (according to both parties) compensation and according to that skyh get’s nothing.
There were issues with the multisig etc but we also wouldn’t give him less if there had eg been a windfall from abra or something similar out of his control, so it’s not clear why we give him more because of unforeseen obstacles.

That said, it was a shitty situation and I feel like skyh went above and beyond and I’m happy to acknowledge this.
Maybe give him 1 or 2 wmemo?

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It’s impossible to know how things would have played out without someone of his skillset involved. I understand that the services of his firm would probably net him much more than what I initially proposed; however, I figured it would be an acceptable consolation.

That’s a great point I didn’t consider until reading your post. I think it is possible we would have seen some community members argue in favor of reducing the compensation in certain circumstances. All hypothetical of course.

One thing I can say for sure; had we been in a position where the treasury had experienced a meteoric rise, the perception and general sentiment would be completely different than what we’ve experienced in the past few months.

Compensation in wmemo is definitely an option a possibility as well - if this makes it to RFC, I’ll need to see how to find a way to settle on a final number and method (assuming the votes remain in favor of going in this direction.)

agree with your point well said

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keep in mind that a lot of people voted for him because of the high water mark, i’m not surprised it’s a split vote. Besides skyh isn’t that dense, i’m sure he stocked up a lot of wmemo for redemption too to compensate himself.

personally i’d like to compensate people for their work, but z0li isn’t wrong, we had an agreement to this payment structure so it’s more of a personal issue (donate with your own money).

i mean sifu stated he doesn’t take compensation in SV until they gained back what was lost, i’m just holding skyh to the same standard.


I’m sure there were plenty of different parts of his WIP that spoke to different members of the community. I’m not sure if you’re suggesting that he would have lost the vote had the compensation structure not included the high watermark, but the burden of proof on this one will be heavy. He won with over 97% of the vote.

This is correct and I won’t argue against the fact that it’s fair to say the buck stops there.

I view the potential of the Wonderland community to be better than fulfilling our most basic obligations.

As an example of this - you can look to the ongoing vote to provide mods with back-pay. Look for Nal X’s explanation on the DAO Discussion post about the expectations following the takeover from the previous community management team for additional context on that.

In addition to this act of recognition, steps are being taken to secure their income stream once SkyH leaves, as no one can be sure that payment activities will take place as expected, while the DAO is expecting work to continue.

Had SkyH not put this up to a vote, their income stream would be at serious risk - especially considering how long it takes us to formalize a new TM.

This recent example proves to me that the community is generally willing to overlook previous agreements in the interest of doing what is right.

I don’t believe this to be an appropriate comparison - Sifu launched his own project with his own rules. He has full control over everything that happens. In contrast, SkyH was hired to essentially bail out a sinking ship.

As has been evidenced by the last 3 months - it’s quite clear that obstacles popped up which did not exist when Sifu was TM of WL, nor were they expected by anyone prior to SkyH accepting the terms of his agreement. Theoretically, it could be argued as violating the conditions of the initial agreement as he did not have the support of Dani for decisions he intended on making.

We basically sent the man to the frontlines for us several times with a broken weapon.

I understand that the end result would be the same in your scenario, however, I see the messaging around this being relatively important. Having the courage to revisit an initial agreement, especially as info about the true state of affairs with WL management has come out, is more in line with the character I feel Wonderland should strive for. Perhaps I’m in the minority here.

We could just as easily setup a proposal to ask SkyH to provide a training demo for all the aspiring TM’s, where he gets on a Teams call/Zoom call and records himself going through each of WL’s assets, shares his insight, his current strategy, and how he would manage them over the next 6 months and slap a 50k price tag on it as a billable service. It would be well worth the money, but I’m not really a fan of hidden agendas.

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At the time of this message - we’re up to 53% in favor of some form of compensation and 47% against any form of compensation with 36 total votes. I would love to get to at least 50 votes on this before bringing it to an RFC, but I’m happy to bring it to an RFC without it if we don’t hit that target by Sunday.

If any forum mod could advise whether this post doesn’t meet the threshold to proceed to an RFC, please let me know what’s missing.

On a semi-related note:

I want to thank everyone for their comments and feedback so far.
Even those who strongly disagree with this proposal, I’m glad to have had the chance to exchange with you. We are continuing to build a stronger community due to the constructive dissenting voices and counter-points being raised on proposals.

Once SkyH officially abdicates his position - there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be entering uncharted territory. We’ve lived without a TM before but for some reason, I feel like this time it’s different. We have the power to forge ahead and shape the protocol as we see fit. I look forward to continuing to contribute and I am considering writing proposals with significant changes to the Wonderland organizational structure, with the interest in aligning us closer to how a reputable business operates. If you are interested in collaborating with me on this subject, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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