[DAO Discussion] Wonderland Moderator Compensation

so why havent you been given what you needed to do what you wanted to do? and how does receiving payment suddenly change things? when it has been 2 months and you still couldnt get access then i have my doubts that adding payment is gonna change anything. why would it? or did you all refuse to do what you wanted to do because you didnt receive payment?

i just dont see how accepting payment is suddenly making things possible that wouldnt have been possible without.


Being hired as Team includes payment and guarantees access - it´s the Team above volunteers, simply put. It´s not adding payment to what we do now, it´s expanding our position and giving us compensation for it, we are not asking for any backpayment.
And it´s not up to us to have access or not, that´s why it´s in the proposal. We didn´t refuse to do anything - the opposite actually. Even the bots are paid by Alice, that should give an idea of how commited we are and were.

still dont get why you couldnt have received the needed access before but i guess its Danis fault.

anyway, the compensation is MUCH too high. like half of it would already be high for the work involved. over 3k bucks for a bit work from home on a discussion board? you would essentially be earning more than likely 95% of the people invested in here. with all of them being down 90% that just doesnt fit. realistic would be 500 to 1k but definitely not over 3k.


I agree with this.

@AliceInWonderland , @Bamchicka, @0xDjinn , @NalX , @ruian11 @Wilson , @Smilbur @Vayu : would you do the job for 1k / month? Would you do the job for wMEMO instead of MIM?


Dani asked us in the Discord general to make a proposal. A day or two later he came in the mod channel and asked if we had the proposal ready.

We did, we sent it to him and he said “looks good to me” “can you post it into the forum”.

The only reason why i brougth that up is because the person I was replying to said to submit it to Dani so he can make the call.

We can ask Dani to give his opinion on it, publicly, but this is just the first step, the proposal will change.

I assure you that it entails way more than “a bit work on a discussion board” - we all have been around endless hours, 7 days a week and if I were to actually calculate hours it would put each of us at under $10 per hour, excluding the fact that after taxes and all I (for example as it depends on country) would have less than half left, without the benefits of a normal 8h/5 days job, without any of the normal job benefits.

It´s not an unusual amount in this space, we are also not asking for individual salary, but asking for a lump sum to be distributed between active moderators, as well as to pay for all costs that occur.


I, for one, am not a fan of wMEMO as payment in general. I was also against it for the Liquid Staking proposal.

  1. It adds (limited ofc) sell pressure. Instead of buy pressure if they want to get more wMEMO.
  2. Has the potential to create FUD every time someone sells to take some money out.
  3. Can make a realistic salary when things are down, but could make a ridiculously high one when things are looking good.
  4. Gives moderator additional voting power by default. Which, after a long enough period, could create extra FUD about mods swinging the votes of we don’t cash out.

To me having a lump sum in MIM means we are being given money for the work we do/want to do/need to do and not based on the success of the protocol. Which, we would help, but are not the only factor. TM performance being a big one.

As for 1k, I’ll refer you to @Bamchicka’s answer above.


Everything in this proposal is more than valid. The biggest issue I have with this whole topic is that we are required to vote on it. The reality is there were mods before the drama. They were paid. They abandoned the project. This crowd of volunteers stepped up, they were told they would be paid, they’ve done a stellar job. They’ve stuck around for the highest level of drama. They jumped in when others were bailing. They should simply be paid from the same source that the other mods were paid. They certainly should get backpay to the date they took over with funds that were already allocated for that purpose. This is not new money that we’re throwing at some new concept but rather it’s money that’s already been approved, allocated and historically in place. That initial process of approval and allocation is being ignored in contrast to a promise made. It really does show bad management and bad leadership. I understand Dani has his hands full but forcing this proposal and inciting enhanced drama when we were on the verge of something that resembles calm was incredibly foolish. Promote the mods to a comms team, pay them and move on to making money. Those who are shortsighted enough to not see the value in this are probably shortsighted enough to sell at this wildly below backing price and the community will be made stronger for it.


I have watched the moderators for the past few days… I am not impressed. And many seem to think their potential salary of 3700 a month is a small compensation in comparison to what they are offering. The treasury should be used for activities that generate income… none of what these moderators do generates income. This is highly wasteful. Get me back to Kansas!

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The amounts suggested for compensation are insane, and it follows inline with the quantity of hands all pulling on the rug. Clean out whatever there is left in cash. This DAO is not generating any value and is tanking each day. The mods are not contributing in anyway to increasing the value of Wonderland. There is actual work required to get Wonderland moving again and it cannot be done by answering general questions on a chat. This concept is about us dumb as getting paid to contribute to a knowledge base.

I pick up garbage when I see it and throw it in the trash. I have never considered asking the city to start paying me their full-time garbage collector rate for my contributions, just saying.


disagree, all they have been doing is banning ppl who have invested when asking whats happening, also lack of communication, twitter posts, announcements, where are the weekly sessions, discussions? but to plan your compensations y’all must’ve had several meetings, does the DAO generate income to pay them? if so, then why the investors haven’t received any? and why MIM and not wmemo? i just got banned for asking these questions respectfully, one mod (bassalona) even called me an ass, how can they ban investors like this? they are very rude and toxic, who will hold them accountable for these actions?


A few things.

  1. We have no line of communication as we are not part of the core team. The proposal is asking to have one established for regular updates.

  2. We don’t have access to the twitter. If this proposal passes, it would make sense for us to have it to increase the communication level.

  3. We are not allowed to make authorization without permission from the core team. This proposal would solve that.

  4. Also don’t have the authority to schedule discussions/weekly sessions.

  5. We did not have “several meetings” to do this proposal. It is a very simple proposal and we coordinated together writing the document and leaving comments.

  6. The DAO does not actively generate income right now, but a timeline for revenu share is being worked on.

  7. For my reasons of MIM over wMEMO, you can see this reply:
    [DAO Discussion] Wonderland Moderator Compensation - #245 by NalX

  8. Bassalona is not affected by this proposal, but you are not banned. I understand you didn’t like his comments to you (he also did NOT call you an ass), but you asked him if he had family problems… I’m not sure I’d say that’s being respectful.

I think it’s past due. Great team assembled. Wage is fair but I think some people think they did it for free in the past so why pay now? It’s because this site needed organization and people know official people to go to. It’s a much needed improvement. I see a lot of videos on Wonderland and learned a lot. Maybe official videos on the Wonderland site to help lessen a lot of questions.

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A big NO for me as the price of wmemo is going down everyday we should be focusing on building value building revenue not spending money to pay mods. I’m sure people invested would do it for free I would. We want to build value mods do add value but not revenue. If in case we were to pay the mods we would not pay over 3k per mod each month that’s just crazy. First build revenue add value to the investors get a treasury manager then we can talk about hiring a marketing team not mods. We need professionals lets hire a professional marketing team to turn things and take care of communications as well as the socials. Mods have been volunteering for weeks I’m sure more people would fill those mods spots if they left due to no pay. 25k is too much for mods a Professional marketing team would be a lot cheaper and save us money.


Has anyone suggested making the mod compensation contingent on activating rev share and liquid staking and a new TM? I am all for compensating mods but would like to see those things done beforehand.


Maybe a grace period with a sliding scope if things drop.
We should add a community group member to the mod team. Isthatlowfat is my suggestion.

So us the HODL what does the future look like

Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback.

The RFC is now live with he modifications and provides additional information.

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