Dissolve the project, return the treasury money to the frogs

I for one disagree with shutting down the project.

Sifu need to step down or be fired that much is clear, but the treasury still can work for us. Daniele while clearly naive still has some reputation to uphold. Him not informing the community for a month is sketchy for sure, but its possible he was trying to prevent exactly what is happening now: a major price run down. If Sifu really wants to prove hes turned over a new leaf and appreciate the “second chance” Dani has offered him he can make a large investment into TIME to put his money where his mouth is.

Whether it will ever return to the previous highs remains to be seen but the first step towards anything close to that is getting Sifu out and replacing him with someone we can trust and has a verifiable track record.

I am not knowledgeable enough to comment on the merger but I am not necessarily opposed to it.

Compensating the long term holders to recoup their losses also is not a thing I wholly oppose, as long as it isn’t at the cost of the project failing.

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Lol, SPELL will got to 10cent this year? This means it will gain over 1000%?

Please show us your crystal ball.

I dont want spell. I never invested in spell, i invested in TIME/wMEMO and this project. Dani is not going to merge anything after what he pulled off. The treasury belongs to all investors and everybody needs to be compensated, after this we can move on. Trust can only be brought back if this happens. If not, there is no future. No matter how much you oppose is, its a fact and when you loose money because of a fraudulent act, you want it back, simple as that.

Dani knew all this for 1 month and screwed us over, but you guys still dont get this and act like he is the nice guy here.

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Refund on an old date so people who already sold get more than diamond hands?

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Those who took minimal leverage yet still got liquidated and were in an endless game of buying more and more WMEMO to collateralize their position do not deserve to be excluded. If you got liquidated at 20k you deserve to be compensated.

People panic selling MIM? lol

I proposed the same thing but better, distribute the entire treasury equally to all frogs up until that snapshop



If you create uncertainty about which wMEMO holders will get paid, or what they will get paid, people are going to dump wMEMO even more and the treasury will diminish.

Anyway, none of this is going to happen. The project will stabilize in a few days.


Definitely support this 100%. I bought in at over $7k / time and couldn’t imagine such a disgusting disrespect for all our $… Paying back leveraged assholes before normal holders?


My favorite Timesplitters opus was 2. How about you? :grin:

If you already sold to cut your loses vote no to this proposal…ASAP

People who already sold shoudn’t get anything at all. It’s fuckin stupid idea.


If you already sold to cut your loses vote no to this proposal…

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Na fuck this shit

You guys are being fucking scammed now, this was an attack to depress the price. Whales are going to buy in and vote this shit into existence and arbitrage up 50% profits on their investment.

Maybe DAOs are a bad idea, maybe giving power to hundreds of children with about a candle’s worth of brainpower between them was never going to work.

Not Sifu, not Dani, this community has made me lose faith in this project. The average IQ is just too low.


Yes! Please for the love of god, there’s a huge treasury to leverage for investments, we have people who have crypto connections.

This has so obviously been an attack to depress the price so whales can buy in then vote to liquidate the treasury so they can arbitrage up like 50%.

It’s happened SO MANY TIMES BEFORE, how are people so fucking blind.


I don’t care.

If the whales will be buying and the price will go straight to the backing price, then I’ll be happy to sell everything.

the wonderland treasury still make money in abracadabra. Now wonderland and abracadabra revenues are combined. Its a fucking powerhouse. NOw everytime wonderland needs money it has its own bank to get it from. When they want to invest in a project the project now has it own bank to use. Its like your Robin Hood has a bank too. So when you ape into Gamestop you can go to the bank and borrow against it immediately those type of features. Now you can argue that wonderland is being sold at a discount. But timing is right because if not lets be honest they couldnt fix inflation and deflation mechanics. No ohm fork can. Shit barely ohm can manage it. The way this worked is Wonderland raised a billion dollars and now will abandon rebase model and merge with a bank to become DEfi Super Chad. If you dont like rage quit I will hold. And by the way we get to .10 cents because of cex access and Grayscale and theyre VC friends will market the shit out of this. Especially if we starting offering real world loans. Think Plebs Magic internet Money in the real world? We will be CNBC everyday. Imagine DAni on Cnbc. hodl


100% support for this proposal.
I am heartbroken atm. I had such high hopes for Wonderland and I truly felt a member of a big family.
I hope something good will come out of this. Dani has great plans but it all went too fast…

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Refund our initial investments and restart a new.


I fear this is literally the only way Dani will be able to pull out of this one. Outside of this, there isn’t any way to fix the wrong doings. It’s literally reimburse the Frogs… or theft. He’s gotta choose one.


wont happen we will sold to abracadadabra better buy now for 2x nfa dyor