Don't Panic Proposal

Not fully fleshed out but given the tight timeline, I think something along these lines could staunch the bleeding while setting up Wonderland for a revival.

Wonderland Proposal

Dani must remain engaged 100% as chief strategy officer

Rebasing off. It’s unsustainable, unnecessary now, and frankly confuses people about the value prop.

Switch entirely to wMEMO, no more TIME, no more MEMO only conversion options (indefinitely as long as there is oustanding TIME and MEMO)

Anyone who wants to exit can sell at market price. No buy back, no making whole, just market.

No accomodations for liquidated frogs. Or alternatively, a small set aside liquidation fund of 1% of profits that go to liquidated frogs in a illiquid, non-leverageable token that vests over 6 months to be split pro rata by amount lost if they sign up by x date.

3 person governance board, 1 of which may be Dani, that has multi-sig and is fully doxed

Treasury manager, fully doxed, that provides weekly reports to community and board, has authorization up to X amount and requires board approval above, gets 1% of profits from active management. Must report weekly. Can hire an analyst to help with reporting and dd work.

Until treasury manager and board filled, no treasury funds will be used / will be frozen.

No commingling of personal and treasury wallets.

When treasury and board is filled, profit will start revenue sharing again - 1% to treasurer, 1% to board, 1% to liquidated frogs, 47% back to treasury, 50% distributed to staked wMEMO holders.

Treasury will be 25-50% yield farming from stables depending on market conditions (risk on vs off), up to 25% partnership investments (i.e. Convex), and up to 25% venture investments.


I like this!
Nailing the main points down.


This is a great proposal. What is an alternative if Dani decides he will no longer head the project anyway?


Alternative is to shut down and return the treasury. At least not a rugpull. But if you believe Dani is for real and that he can still make stuff happen, this allows us to migrate to a sustainable model but not rush into hiring the wrong people.

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This is one of the best rough outlines yet.


All, please share this link. The Discord is a mess and I cna only post once an hour. This is a serious proposal that is not me being a vulture. I do not propose myself at all for any of the roles but think this structure can keep Wonderland alive.

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absolutely disagree to this proposal.

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He can’t make anything happen. He misled us while yelling about how bullish people should be, all the while knowing who Sifu was. His reputation will never recover from this.

We don’t even know if the BSGG or video game company investments are real or just a round about way for Sifu to funnel money to himself because he couldn’t easily with multisig.


I think that is valid and a vote to shut down and disburse will address. However, this proposal would lock things down, prevent rebasing and buybacks or other means of draining the treasury while putting in real governance. It still could lead to a shutdown if the board decides there are shenanigans or if Dani is not into it. As you note, we just don’t know right now.

i likey this proposal

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I love this, let’s do it. I think it may satisfy the needs of our now liquid friends.

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The issue with this project was that many many many got greedy and borrowed lots of funds to increase there income. There was s misstake to allow people borrow and use the wmemo as a collateral. That is ticking bomb that just exploded and normal investors are in to this also. You cannot print money and get away with this. I would rather see the future of this project while i still believe in it and one man can’t make me change my mind while in the same place there is GREAT leader that is capable to lead the project to its glory. This crumble just a test to the project and if it can recover, i believe it can, than nothing in a world can make it collapse ever again.

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This right here is what we should be voting on.


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WHY is DANI voting a YES? That’s the CORE with 12K TIME TOKEN!! - Did he mint it when Protocol went live??

We need to serious AUDIT

Dude relax, the 12k time wallet is not dani.

The wind down voting is unfair! Those with less fortune got less voting power and no one stand for us! Don’t let the whales takeaway the treasury!

It is unfair but it is the way unfortunately. The problem is that without an emergent proposal and leadership from Dani, small frogs are not united.

I am in favour of frog unity, holding (hodling?) the lines, and continuance.
This sketched proposition is rational, in my view.

Dani has demonstrated his capacities to
(a) see the far-reaching potential in opportunities;
(b) attract strong investment partnerships;
(c) secure excellent bargain pricing on new venture investments.

Reactionary panic now in the heat of emotion, winding down Time Wonderland, may not deliver frogs the optimal return on their individual investments, compared with hodling and riding out this instability.

All crypto speculation has high risks of losses, in exchange for exposure to exponentially higher returns. Selling out now, at the bottom, in the middle of a FUD cloud, having ridden all the way down, is a knee-jerk response, not a bigger picture solution.

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Better make this an RFC that people can vote on. Once comment: We need a marketing and/or communications manager and a marketing strategy to attract new members once the dust settles. The treasurer’s job is to look after finances – I don’t want them spending their time on Discord and God knows where, replying to the same questions over and over again.
I wasn’t leveraged, but I support the idea of giving some money back to people who were responsibly leveraged and still got caught when buybacks failed and cascading liquidations crashed the price. Besides, Dani wanted to help and he should get a say in this. But your idea of somehow vesting these “rescue tokens” over time is brilliant (not sure about 1% – I think some calculations would be required).