FINAL PROPOSAL (before RFC): Harry Yeh as TM (better then Bastion Trades) & The Professor

I think it is in our best interest and better for Wonderland to have Harry Yeh as our Treasury Manager instead of Bastion Trades.

“Harry Yeh is the Founder and Managing Partner of Quantum Fintech Group, one of the most-trusted cryptocurrency hedge funds for high-net worth investors.”
That is perfect, he has skills that are essential for a Wonderland Treasury Manager to have.

Just look at his profile! This guy would be the best bet. Plus he knows Dani and would be a good reputable face to have on the team, especially after all this Sifu non-sense.

Harry is an entrepreneur based in Dubai, he knows a lot of people and can hire a good investment team to work with him and find and secure solid deals.

Bastion Trades is just a small group of crypto traders based in Hong Kong with no experience in finding and securing multi-million dollar crypto-related business deals.

Maybe we can create a Trading Department and have Bastion Trades be a part of that instead? we can discuss this later, right now we need someone reputable with entrepreneur experience to run the Treasury.

We dont even know if Harry wants the job, but I say we get Dani to offer him the position. We can incentivize him by giving him a bonus for performance.

Trying to squeeze as much into one proposal because i will be making this into an RFC if enough votes have been made as soon as possible, I’d also say we hire The Professor and implement the changes he mentioned in his medium post

So what do you vote for?
*Edit: the poll

  • Yes, get Dani to offer Harry the position.
  • Yes, get Dani to offer Harry the position. + hire and/or execute TheProf ideas
  • No.

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Please Vote! :frog: :fist:

I put them into 1 proposal because people dont like to read and click on proposals all day and when we make the Snapshot we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone- Get Dani to offer Harry the position as well as talk to the Professor and the multisig to start implementing the changes. we dont have to hire the professor, plus hes in the discord now we can talk to him from there.


I voted for the 2nd option.

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No more people from Dubai, Sifu was enough…

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Harry yeh just gonna take the treasury and put it all into FTM. :rofl:

what kind of unintelligent reply is this?
you cant compare the 2 different people.
what does dubai have anything to do with their character?


No. Hes doxxed and has a reputation to uphold.

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Why create a new post about two subjects that are already being discussed seperately and would be voted on seperatly?

It doesnt add anything new to the conversation as far as I can tell. I might be missing something ?

there is no proposal on Harry Yeh becoming treasury manager… and those other proposals are barely getting traction and moving so slow and no one is moving them onto the next steps of the governance framework. This is quick and precise. Once the votes are in ill make this into an RFC.
I put them into 1 proposal because people dont like to read and click on proposals all day and when we make the Snapshot we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Get Dani to offer Harry the position as well as talk to the Professor and/or start implementing his ideas

Harry is based in Abu Dhabi afaik :slight_smile:

I agree with this proposal

Is this not one ?

You need Harry to actually propose something first.

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Bundling this makes sense, but the questions overlap.

  1. Is clear to get Harry on board ( and appears to mean so that he can decide what he wants to do)
  2. Get Harry on board, but it’s not clear whether he should execute the Prof.'s ideas, because it says and/or. This should be re-formulated please.
  3. No is clear

Yes, at this stage it would be good to see a SHORT executive summary from Harry on how he would move forward.

Been waiting for this proposal since I read the medium post from the Professor and Harry’s name was floated, 110% behind this.


Not really. People just write their ideas in here with out using the proper template to make the proposal official. Theres no poll on that proposal to vote. lol…

After some votes i’ll make an RFC in proper form, which you have to do in order to make this into an official Snapshot vote.

no we dont. we can get dani to talk to him and see if hed be interested. simple.

it wont let me edit… ignore the and/or…

Yeah but we don’t need a proposal and vote for that. The vote would be to actually hire him. We can’t do that till we know what his plans are.

We have no idea how Harry would handle the money.

#1 Could you write that more clearly please? Try to get Harry on board is understandable, but by adding and/or is ambiguous and makes it sound like #2 (which says ‘give him the free scope to do what he wants’. So I suggest #1 should read …“and execute The Prof.'s ideas”.

Otherwise, I fear this might end up like many of the snapshot votes which are not precise enough to know what you are voting for.

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