Making Wonderland more international

One of the issue some people are facing is the language barrier. English could be an obstacle for people from countries where it is not the main language, especially since we are dealing with complex concepts.

Therefore, I think it would be a great idea to translate the whitepaper and the website in different idioms, to make Wonderland more international.

I have already started working on the Italian translation of the whitepaper. Why Italian? Well, that’s where I come from! Here is a link to the Google Doc file.

Do you think it is something that could add valute to the Wonderland community? If so, how difficult would it be for the devs to integrate the language selection feature (sorry, my programming skills are limited to say the least)?


+1 italian here wohoo^^

GG for the idea and the actual work you put in


I think this is a great idea. I can translate the whitepaper to portuguese. My fellow brazilian collegues have a real big language barrier because crypto is very new to our contry and just a small percentage of brazilians really knows how to speak english


I like this idea, I‘d prefer to work on updated docs first though - ours are still pretty outdated on some very important points.

Instead of translating and re-translating again later.

Can offer italian and german translations.


This is something I wanted to propose as well. I’ve actually wanted to show the docs to people I know who are very knowledgeable in Economics and would be interested in the project but don’t know enough English. I can offer spanish translations. Although I also agree with Bamchicka that if updating the docs is necessary, that should be done first.


Agree with the idea but also with the fact that the OG docs are due to a review/update, then we can translate them

I can help out with the Spanish version


I’d love to help for a Dutch translation, however I stuggle with translating economic terms. If a Dutchie stumbles across my comment and is willing to help, hit me up in DM!.


I can help translate in Croatian and Serbian language.


I don’t want to sound rude or anything like that but can’t we just use “google translator” if needed?
At least that’s what I did when I was introducing Wonderland to a Portuguese friend that does not understand English very well.
(I’m also Portuguese by the way :slight_smile: )

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This is a splendid Idea, though should come after an overdue revamp of our english doc.

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Automated translations are not 100% accurate and the docs are critical for newcomers so we should make sure they’re properly translated. Besides, it makes the project look better and development wise is not that much work (sorry wonderland web developer :upside_down_face: )


I can help translating into romanian language

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This is a beautiful suggestion. I believe it only requires the community to put together, and no DAO vote is necessary, as this sort of inclusive behavior should be inherent. This thread alone is a good place to start. So far, it seems like Italian, Portugese, German, Spanish, Dutch, Croatian, Serbian, and Romanian have been offered.

I would recommend you lead this effort and collaborate with those who offer to translate their languages in this thread by DMing them or posting your Discord, and creating a community-branch server for translators alike. This is a great way to strengthen community, meet new people, and look at new opportunities.


I support this initiative. While I only speak English, frogs are not just English speakers! In order to make this project more accessible, and thereby increasing the treasury balance, we need to incorporate as many languages as possible. Also would not hurt to have Twitter posts translated

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Fair enough!
I’m here to help if Portuguese is one of the languages (although, I’m not a professional translator)


idioms? not sure but there maybe some confusion if idioms were to be used.

I am not a professional translator either, but I am quite good at French, so feel free to contact me if you need assistance! :slight_smile:


I am glad to see support for this idea!

Give me a couple of days and I will put together a team strategy to organize the work!


This is a wonderful idea, once the English documentation has been fully updated.
I would suggest using an online (cloud-based) collaborative translation platform.
(i.e. Transifex, Weglot, TextUnited, POEditor, Smartcat etc).

I’ll be more than happy to assist in this endeavor and translate our English documentation into Greek.

Feel free to message me.


That is wonderful for Wonderland .

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