Post A [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal - Final Step

1. Posting a [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal

Once an RFC has matured and been discussed appropriately, a forum moderator will whitelist the post to be transferred to the [WIP] Wonderland Improvement Proposal category.

For easier reference each WIP will receive a number by the forum moderators, for example [WIP #1] Update Snapshot attributes.

The community needs to have enough time to research and discuss the WIP, before it can vote on the subject. That is why a minimum duration of at least 4 days is recommended before the official Snapshot Vote goes live.

Since launching a snapshot vote requires at least 100 TIME/MEMO, it does not always need to be posted by the original WIP author, it can be posted by someone else or by the founders, in case the minimum threshold of TIME / MEMO can not be met.

The snapshot needs to include a summary as well as a link to the original WIP Forum post. The parameters of the vote need to mirror the options discussed on the forum.

2. Creating a Wonderland Snapshot poll for a [WIP]

To create a Wonderland Snapshot poll, navigate to the Wonderland space on Snapshot: Snapshot, and connect your wallet.

After you’ve connected your wallet, click on the button to create a New Proposal

To create a valid Wonderland Snapshot poll for a [WIP] proposal:

  1. Copy the [WIP] title from the Wonderland Forum post into the
    Ask a Question field
  2. Copy the [WIP] text from the Wonderland forum post into the Tell more about your proposal field
  3. Add a link to the [WIP] forum post at the top of the proposal text
  4. Enter the refined list of poll outcomes in the Choices field and include Make No Changes as one of the outcomes.
  5. Enter the current date and time in Select Start Date
  6. The end date will automatically be select for you (7 days after)

3. Vote on Wonderland Snapshot poll for a [WIP]

To vote in a Wonderland Snapshot poll, you must hold either TIME, MEMO or wMEMO (held as collateral in or on your wallet in Avalanche). Your Snapshot vote will be proportionate to the amount of tokens you are holding in your wallet.

Navigate to the Wonderland space on Snapshot:
Snapshot, and connect your wallet holding the previously mentioned tokens.

After you’ve connected your wallet, either navigate to the Wonderland Snapshot poll linked in the [WIP] post, or navigate directly to Snapshot to find the corresponding poll in the list of active proposals.

Under Cast Your Vote, choose your favored outcome, and click Vote .