Proposal - Bastion Trading / TheSkyhopper to manage or advise on Wonderland Treasury

This is the type of things we need. Love to Dani and also the Skyhopper for helping progress things and KEEP BUILDING :heart:

BS - nothing fundamentally changed, else confidence can come back

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@TheSkyHopper put this up for a vote so people can vote for this option vs winding down the treasury. Think what you can do with a $700-800M treasury (stable yield farms, LP fees, arb, etc). Easy way to grow the treasury and provide value back to the community.

This story is going to be blasted all over normie news outlets and paraded in front of regulators eventually. The market has already shown that there is no appetite for the price, buy backs are not a long term solution and the freefall is going to continue. The brand is tainted and it will get much worse before it gets better.

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I read the proposal in full, and I find it lacking in concrete details as to how investor confidence will be restored, new investment ideas to keep building up the treasury, etc.
Not to mention you can tell the author didn’t even bother with basic proofreading before publishing it.
It’s a pass for me.


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can ayone tell me why we cant logg into wonderland. The site has ben down and i cant see my funds

This better not be in Hong Kong - that is a recipe for disaster considering the issues China is having with freedom of speech and democracy. The people running this must be able to legally live Hong Kong without the fear of being prevented from leaving or even jailed. In fact this should not be in Hong Kong at all. Please ALWAYS consider the political landscape when choosing management.

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How do we hire them??

I agree…let’s slow things down. I have no idea why there’s a rush to replace management or wind things down…we need some less emotional decision making and more clarity and clear heads. Give us all a few weeks to months to digest what has happened and then let’s consider the direction things should go. Just makes sense.

I was feeling the same too until I realised that the app has been taken offline and there is price action goin on on the dexscreener.

To be honest, I’d like to see a strong background check on every single person who will be managing this. I’d like the whole team to be doxxed as well so we know we are not “tying up the dog with sausage”. Maybe Daniele could hire an HR firm to screen candidates? Just a thought…

I also agree with this.

This is the WAY. Give the treasury to these experts so you can earn even more money

I see potential in this protocol. I would agree with Bastion to manage or advise wonderland treasury as long all the KYC and relevant due diligence is carried out.

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YES! - we may be able to breathe again!


Yes sigh many newbies, people leveraging to max, those who never experienced crypto winter being reactive panic.

I will start a new proposals (I hope I get this voting thing right) on a few things.

  1. We need to get the market price back to AT LEAST the treasury Holding. Ultimately we aren’t worse Olympus.

  2. Lets get the treasury running on a much better.
    There’s funds, there’s a community (maybe its united in bitterness, but still), we got a chance.

Ultimately, a proposal to fold (while I totally understand) seems the way to go, how much does it cost to wait for another card to turn?

Anyways, I’ll create a new thread.

@TheSkyHopper Hello Mr! I like your proposal. I would like to rise the idea to have an AMA with your team, Daniele and Andrej, so we can know you a little better. Could you host an AMA and talk a bit about yourself and your team?


Finally, some calmness and rationality.
Go for it!