Proposal for a properly staffed Wonderland team w/ background checks

For the Wonderland project to move forward, recover, and be successful I propose a team of professionals that have back ground checks and/or doxed be built to include

  • Vice President to work side by side with Dani (Dani’s vision VP executes that vision)
  • Chief Financial Officer (replace Sifu)
  • Chief Operating Officer
    Marketing & PR Director
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Legal Officer

For any vision it takes those with the appropriate skills to make it happen. With strong leadership Dani’s vision can be realized but we have a long road to recover from recent events. Professionals with these skills can make that happen. I know there are some in the Wonderland community that are willing to offer their professional skills to get this ball rolling we just need Dani and the Wonderland teams support.

First and foremost a VP, CFO, COO and Marketing / PR Director are needed ASAP!!!

With these professionals there would be a clear / transparent vision and roadmap of where the project is going, clear communication to the existing investors / potential investors, a smooth roll out of air drops, new functionality such as revenue share, and official press releases properly reviewed by all departments before release.

If you support this course of action please help promote it in discord.

Thank you

  • Fully staff a team to move the project forward
  • Dissolve the Wonderland project

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Agreed, cant find an area of disagreement here. The protocol has a sound roadmap if we would only stick to the script.


Agreed for any ship to navigate safely and efficiently you need a solid crew


Do you really believe there’s any realistic future potential for this project for those of us who are in it now, and who are 90% down? I’m seriously asking. I’d love to be convinced that there is.


Absolutely as long as we have that treasury this protocol can do whatever it wants. If not for that treasury we would not have survived to this point. All of this fud and the treasury value is practically untouched. The team knows how to make money, but doesnt have enough staff to run the operation like a billion dollar business should be run, needs pros.


This has been my case:



I believe it is time for wonderland to take ownership of its greatest asset which is the treasury. Farming as a service works especially in the present market condition. There is zero reason for a treasury of this size to lose money on buybacks - nor is a merger to the benefit of wonderland. Usually the larger bank acquires the smaller bank.

We need to fully implement shared revenue.

Farm as a service which wonderland and Dani and team know well

Focus on restoring the intrinsic value of the token by offering this shared revenue model. Fewer people will see benefit to shorting an asset that yields them a passive growth of value.

Stop additional treasury depleting activity (to include investing) until we have restored the value of the token Wmemo to at least pre 68k wmemo level

Focus 100% on a clear restoration of value strategy

Full transparency of funds (good start with FUNDS tab on the wonderland app)

Appoint team from overlapping timezones so that someone is always at the helm

Appoint marketibg and communications to counter-FUD strategies

Once we have stabilized above 68k Wmemo levels start the process of burning all liquidated supply. Burning supply after stabilizing the price range will help prop up price in the next range - while the revenue share model will keep holders firmly entrenched.

Next focus on a goal based APY reduction (not the punative model some daos use) Utilize price to phase out rebasing - example

At 50k wmemo apy = x example 60,000%
At 60k wmemo apy = x example 45,000%
At 70k wmemo apy = x example 30,000%
At 80k Wmemo apy = x example 25,000%
At 90k Wmemo apy = x example 15,000%
At 100k wmemo apy = x example 10,000%
At 110k wmemo apy = x example 7500%

Use this model until apy = 50%

Once price of Wmemo is at a sufficient level Apy will be zero. However once Wmemo was to enter specific ranges earlier holders are made whole and will likely stay due to revenue share vs taking an opportune exit.

Let Dao vote determine all levels of apy. This will assure those who hold on the riskier end of the curve are always rewarded because right now people are only holding because they are down - that should never be the reason to hold a blue chip asset

Finally, stick to ONE clear and concise direction. Execute that plan and after that plan has been executed move to the next stage of the plan. No more zig zagging. Zig zagging doesnt create momentum it creates head winds. All of this communication of plans that go unexecuted become opportunistic fud.

It was great PR to execute buybacks, but not good PR when we still havent received air drops of assets the community was promised. Also not good PR to discuss a revenue share plan one day, then the next drop a merger plan on the community. Obviously bad communication strategy.

Top priority for this Dao and for Wonderland should be to restore the intrinsic value to the token asset.


I believe it is possible but a rough road hence why I feel this is paramount, ill explain. The idea is sound and we have a HUGE treasury. There is enough to buy back every Memo and wMemo and still have funds to invest in future projects to add to the existing ones. IF we can get a professional team who knows how to execute and run a project like this it can happen. With current events it is also paramount the people be doxed to start rebuilding investor confidence.


It is very easy to pump the price from this low point with Sifu ejected.

There is money to bring in a professional team. The assets are huge.


I absolutely agree with you and i have submitted my proposal for review to be posted. Perhaps we need to make our voices heard because people are being misled by the FUD at the moment. They do not realize even with all this panic and confusion and bad PR the treasury is still intact and can earn for us significantly.


Yes, i was against the merger, big bank should never be merged under little bank. Questioned the motive their but i am not a judge for Sifu, i cast my vote and the community as a whole makes that determination. Their are no saints living, so no one is perfect however he should no longer be managing the treasury or making decisions on it because no major business would have a known financial criminal on its board of directors.

With our treasury and a team fully assembled we can get past this in days. Wonderland is at a fantastic entry level and can only go up if we stick to a plan for once. This was all targeted attacks, Dani made enemies, thats bad for business - he needs to have better temperment in that regard, but who in Defi has assembled an army of support faster? You dont remove your best general from a war, you unleash him. Lets focus him with Dao voted decisions and let him do what he does best.


I support this and I made a proposal to help do so in a way that will make long term improvements. I believe the safer approach is to have at least two separate treasury managers. If the community prefers a singular treasury manager I will also support that and toss my hat into the ring to do that too.

Reference to my proposal: [DAO Discussion] - Establish an Independent 'Feeder Fund' to Reduce Risk and Improve DAO Management & Reporting

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this has my vote. we need to move on.

in the end it will be better for our reputation to build from ground up.


I think the “multi signature” system works for the treasury. The military we call it “two person integrity” having multiple people necessary to access the treasury, invest and move money. A good VP or COO will know how to create and action these policies and procedures


100% agree, the team need to be entirely reconstructed.

The team is underdeveloped, understaffed, and Sifu’s name is tarnished.

Out with the old, in with the new.


Ok. So there needs to be a blended proposal.

  1. Allow those that want out to be bought out. I believe the buyout should match the snapshot from the BSGG snapshot - prior to the FUD storm and fallout.

  2. Doxed team: We need to think about this, thinking about Dani receiving threats and the safety. I think a better option would be a full background check of the personalities, then continuing to allow a pseudonymous representation. Of course the compensation of running an org like this does provide ability to be creative with safety.

  3. Another option would be put the Treasury up for sell. So we were discussing a merger, what about an acquisition? Andre, Yearn, Abra, etc… Someone that may want to buy out and place leadership in place.

    • This would help users that want an exit break even or maybe even profit from their involvement. This good taste in the mouth may make them jump back in with a trusted team.

This is still a good idea, good vision, but it was poor execution. So company has a scandal, that company doesn’t always disappear - Think Uber, they replaced the leadership, tightened up requirements, and thought about safety.


I know of a couple of people who have no issue with a solid back ground running companies I could approach that have no issues with security or being fully doxed some even with military security clearances. I do agree that an internal full background check would work however


We are at a disadvantage of any sell based on PR, the suitor wouldnt consider the treasury as the negotiating chip, they would look at the low hanging fruit of the price of the token and recent events and negotiate off that. The treasury is too valuable to sell for cents, thats why i was firmly against a merger it was a bad deal for Wonderland holders.

We need to understand the asset is the treasury, not the price ofnthe token at the moment. The token price matters ‘right now’ to traders, investors see the upside. Its like acquiring a businessnin order to sell off its most unproductive components to streamline for greater profit.

If the treasury would be sold we would get cents compared to what that treasury would make the buyer in this economy. Name a protocol that folded with an over 500 million dollar treasury? Their is none, protocols with that much money dont fold because they have the resources to fix the problems.

We farm for 1 million a day, we have a ton of Wmemo from liquidstions that can be burned “after we first stabilize the price - not before” or it would be manipulated. We are developing a revenue sharing model. We have investments still to be airdropped that were purchased for pennies and will at some point be many more pennies.

This treasury is the story of defi right now, and Dani made enemies with success and bad temperment in some instances. Point is the fix is easier then anyone thinks because nothing is broken, just need to focus on the dam plan for once and put a team in place of professionals and stop acting like a once billion dollar treasury can be ran by a skeleton crew.


I am not supporting the merger. I propose that wonderland immediately move to a revenue share model. Buybacks are useless. Let the price of wmemo settle where it may and stop bailing out people who leveraged. The treasury is healthy enough to support revenue sharing. That way we the investors can decide if we want to reinvest or invest elsewhere.


So ironically we need suits. I say this half joking but it is true. With this amount of money at the Treasurys disposal we need seasoned professionals working for the benefit of the DAO.


agree with all and new treasury manager with multisig and all doxxed. all in the open so we start fresh with trust.