Proposal for a properly staffed Wonderland team w/ background checks

Yep definitely. I’m just worried if we stop buybacks will hurt us even more in the short term. For the long term I agree it’s better to use that money somewhere else generating revenue. I’m honestly for both as I am planning on hodling my wmemo. Just worried with everything going on rn that ppl will use this as another weapon in their arsenal against us.

we must put through this to a vote and succeed

I am on it! Promoting in discord!

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i would love to participate in treasury management. unfortunately i do not have a degree in anything financial related but i manage the “treasury” of an association that me and some other friends have founded and it’s growing ever since. we organize raves and similar events.

i’m 21yo and i’m about to study IT/management in september. untill then i have more than enough spare time.

i loved the project so far and it can’t just go down like that.

Is there a chance of making AVAX the primary staking coin? That meme someone posted awhile back had the frog in the snow. Project Name: Snow Drift - Wonderland becomes Winter Wonderland - Get that Cat outta there and replace it with the frog - Have a steady APY - happy frogs… lol

This is very similar to [DAO Discussion] Wonderland Core Team Growth & Structure

Ultimately, we need structure to move forward and I believe Dani mentioned this in one of the AMA’s recently. I support us getting key roles in place and experimenting by growing these roles into teams/departments as the project evolves.

We also need a variety of backgrounds for this to be successful. I would strongly avoid the stereotypical hires crypto projects seem to lean towards for these types of positions; i.e. only start-up experience, only FinTech experience, crypto-guru’s or influencers.

The only role I see having a strong crypto-background would be whomever is hired as CFO; though never as sole decider for treasury movements, this should be done collaboratively by the entire leadership team. The CFO should have the freedom to make moves with a pre-established fraction of the total treasury (aka - day to day operations) and everything beyond that pre-established threshold requiring leadership team validation. Ideally, all treasury decisions made at this level should also be divulged with the reasons behind them.

Any investment opportunities in other platforms (like BSGG, Liquid Staking, Wonderland buying out Abracadabra in 8 about months) should be put to a DAO vote. At least this part is similar to how it’s working today - just listing it out since I’m not suggesting that the DAO abdicate its authority to agree or disagree with proposed investments.

This Proposal is a Joke and every frog should oppose this!:warning:

Dani cant be trusted anymore, no matter who you install next. He and his buddies were able to cashout while the info about Sifu was held back. Meanwhile price crashed and everybody lost except the founders. Does it make click?

Replacing the treasury manager will make no change, since Sifus work as a Treasury manager was never a problem. It was Danis failed promises and lies.

I dont even care if Warren Buffett will be the next treasury manager. You guys must understand that the damage is done and people need to be compensated. Whoever wants to restart after can, but not with our treasury!


Agreed. But with fully doxxed staff and background check shared with the dao members. Real name greyed out but the rest full scan.

I personally don’t like to go back to the legacy model and i don’t think defi should take this route

I agree with your proposal a fully staffed and fully doxxed team is a must. It’s what should have been done in the first place, especially a PR team and a VP. One thing that worries me however is the ability of the DAO to attract future investors and projects for the revenue sharing model. A lot of projects are going to stay away from wonderland just because of the bad PR of the last few days.

1 . What lies and promises did he not full fill on?
2. We should just took tail with a 90% loss and say …“welp”…are you serious?
3. Tell me now how many projects has dani got under him…lets see…Sushi/Wonderland/Popsicle/Mim/Abra…how many millions pump from all these projects again?

When you get knocked down…you get back up…Not go jump back into the well like a scared frog because you got scared of the outside world.

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You’re down 90% on your entry/exit price. The value of what you hold has not dropped 90%, just what it costs to buy/sell it.

To be at cost for you, price going up 10x is needed, minus any revenue sharing that happens. That’s not an outrageous expectation, especially if you manage the time to get there. It won’t happen next month. In a year that seems fairly reasonable.

And if you like the turnaround, you probably won’t want to sell your shares anyways. If you’re worried there’s no hope to recover in the next year or two, might as well sell now.

I don’t think it’s enough personally, you need to go further with this.

Think of it this way, we get a team, a doxxed, highly organised, professional and well managed, we unleash Wonderland right face into the face of Crypto and DeFI, great! We now have huge interest and yet, a social media outlet of Dani’s personal Twitter, a Frog YT channel, sub-reddits opened by anyone with an interest, a Discord where the mods do whatever they like and it’s still chaotic, no official guides and everyone clamouring here there and everywhere to get into the project.
I would suggest making a new Official Wonderland Twitter, an Official Wonderland YouTube account, a new Discord where the mods are sensible, an Official Reddit page where someone or some from the management team can participate and answer questions that haven’t made it to Twitter.
If we get this right, we are onto a winner.


The project is not dead in the water. We hit a toad block and must cross it to move forward to our destination. There is sufficient funds to create wealth for generations to come if the treasury in managed properly. I’m optimistic and not blinded with illusions. TIME is a diamond in the rough that needs polishing and this takes skilled hands to complete. With the right crew at the helm this ship will travel around the world thru storms and sunny days as well. Doxxing all key members is the way of the future to gain trust back from the community and attract new investors while preserving the current treasury and deploying it smartly to make ROI attractive while increasing the treasury. There are no other DAOs that have achieved the success of wonderland. Yes SiFU past createf a shit show but it’s not a show stopper.

I agree with all being said. Specially removing all funds access from Sifu, but I also believe it’s going to be hard to find a replacement with the mind Sifu has so I would propose to possibly have him as a contractor role advising and totally removing him from the picture. We can use his skill sets which are hard to find to grow the treasury without granting him access to the funds. It takes a special person to grow 250M war chest to over 1B and he was that person. So keeping him as an advisor and not as a team member would be beneficial to the project

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Only way to do that would be to pull liquidity from Sushiswap. Which, as radical as it may sound- we are a protocol owned liquidity, we can do shit like that while we get our house in order. Let people leave that want to leave, but at least allow the treasury to continue generating revenue in the interim. The buybacks on exchanges was and still is a horrible idea. Its gives incentive for people to drive down the price- pulling liquidity locks people in, and forces them to participate in the DAO so we can actually get increased participation in here and move things forward through RFC. I appreciate @0xWicked trying to moderate and make some posts overall, but we don’t have a dedicated community manager to actually push these RFC’s through to any meaningful resolution. If we did, we would have already moved this proposal forward ([RFC] Marketing strategies, Branding, Social Media - #103 by Mrstill), or at least clarified it so maybe, just MAYBE we would have had a PR team in place to keep this whole thing from falling apart like it did. I’m a Dani supporter, I see the WAGMI DeFi vision in that regard. But damnit if he wasn’t like Donald Trump the last 4 weeks on Twitter. He couldn’t keep his foot out of his mouth, and because of it the whole ecosystem has taken a massive blow. Wonderland 2.0 can rise from the ashes, with this proposal or some variation of it.


But most of the warchest came from minting. He didn’t necessarily grow it 4x himself as much as people kept giving the protocol money. I don’t disagree that his skillset is hard to come by, and I think the approach has merit…but only after a full audit on the treasury and his constant trading from his own wallet. I saw him pulling CRV farming rewards and then skimming parts of it off into other wallets. A large accusation I know, but I never saw those funds come BACK to the WL wallet. At this point, big brained or not, its a flat out image issue for the protocol to even be associated with him.

You have obviously dealt with this sort of thing and understand it is a challenge but highly possible

Take a look at the treasury holdings its not entirely made up of Memo or wMemo it is holdings in investments, stable coins, liquidity pools etc

Is the marketing team and community manager going to also be paid millions of dollars to try and convince frogs to give their money to the whales in wonderland? or will they be used to convince the whales to set aside the rebases for locked staker’s and to also vote for a sales tax to paid out to locked staker’s in form of stable coins as in real profit share?

It is not one person one vote, Five or six whales have all the power. They have been bleeding this out for months why would they stop? Locked staking for rebase/sales tax profit sharing have been on these forums and shot down over and over while the Whales ate frogs. What’s the marketing strategy for that.

(1.7Memo) - I’m in the green my memo was free, I like Dani too and I will hold for years as long as the rebase exists.