Proposal for a properly staffed Wonderland team w/ background checks

Yes let’s do this , we just need to know how we will . This is the one way dani can redeem himself if he really cares

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In my opinion the only way to save this project with a new team is to be able to halt trading of wMemo while the transition happens. If we vote to continue without a full stop on trading I think we are just asking to have our price manipulated and probably suffering one final liquidation cascade. We halt trading and allow anyone that want to exit, to do so at backing. Anyone left will be the ones dedicated to the project…. While new team gets fully transitioned we begins revenue share, then allow holders the opportunity to purchase additional wMemo before trading resumes… that’s how I see it, but I have no idea if something like that is even feasible. I also like Siam’s suggesting to need to be a minimum 30 day WMemo holder to qualify for revenue share… ensures anting purchasing when trading resumes will need to hold for at least 30’days to participate in rev share driving price up.

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The question is… Would he even consider staying on board??? Didn’t sound like it from his proposal, but he made it seem like that’s what he wanted yesterday, so I really have no idea. I really don’t like the prospect of this project moving forward without him. Especially if we don’t even know if Wonderland would be welcome within the rest of the ecosystem… I do want us to continue, but we need to have answers for the hard questions.

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Yes, this is 100% feasible. We are protocol owned liquidity!!! This is what is revolutionary about where we find ourselves. We can just vote to remove the LP from sushi and lock it up until we get our act together! Yes, someone else gets it!

Hard to say I am sure with all the death threats it is a hard pill. Personally not the type to back down from threats but when you have a family I get it

I honestly believe more protocols would welcome us back with open arms if Dani wasn’t directly involved. But, I also would be happier if he stayed involved, even if just in an advisory capacity.

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We just need to get as many as possible to show for the official vote Snapshot

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If that’s the case, then removing LP and effectively halting all wMemo trading should be added to the proposal while we get our shit together. I feel that would be the only protection we would have against manipulation during transition. It also effectively preserves everyone’s market share so that we can have the first opportunity to increase market share prior to trading resuming… it would be nice for the small frog to be able to win a round every now and then lol. But seriously, if an edit to the proposal is made adding the temporary halting of trading, then I’m on board because we won’t be in a rush to find a team to run this project properly and realize the full potential.

I’d like to have Derek back since he pretty much immediately didn’t want anything to do with this after all the news came out. If I’m not mistaken he was also against the buybacks, which sounded great, but just are not a good idea. I feel like he’s the only one that left with his integrity intact, but that’s just how I see it.

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As I said before the main key thing is to have Dani step down. He is kryptonite right now not only in the crypto world but also in the financial world. Only some people here still trust him and believe in him but to the rest of the people out there, who Wonderland need as investor and partnership with, they no longer trust his judgment. And the likelihood of him stepping down as like zero to none.

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it’s because they actually fluffed the treasury or should I say cook the books what happened was they took 300 million put it in UST cauldron in Abracadabra and loop it over and over again there where the “most of the 1mil profit day was coming from”. we never really ever had 1 billion in liquid assets. Most of that so called 1 billion dollar treasury was made out of debt that we owe Abracadabra for looping

Where do we find someone willing and able to do the job? Doesn’t Dani have connections and know people in the DeFi space? Why do WE the community have to pull someone out of the woodworks? He should recommend people at least with his connections etc…

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I didn’t say kick out, I said step down ( not being in a leadership role). It’s funny how you bring up traditional financing because all this shit that you guys are proposing to do here is traditional financing there’s a reason why it’s structured like this. SPAC, VC, hedge funds, lending platforms any kind of traditional banking services provided in crypto that’s all from traditional finance so when you guys shit the bed it turns out you guys want help from professionals which are from traditional finance. Don’t talk to me about defi I was in crypto from the beginning, just because i also made my money in traditional finance too doesn’t mean I don’t know what the fuck i am talking about. It’s the opposite because I have the skill set to actually do this. And for your information what happened here literally setback defi by years because people out there are now saying this is exactly the reason why we need regulations in defi

Giving up is the easyest way. Staying in it and recovering from that ground could be more rewarding than any other projects out there. You have the tresury, just invest wisely and people will start to come back. Sifu is just one man that should be traced and all hes transactions whould be traced to force him give back everything if he stole anything. Make a new team, gather up and start working. it will be not easy but i believe in this project. Selling off everything is not the way to continue.

Everybody is just voting yes!!! Refunding at backing price NOW means everybody will sell at a loss

Everybody not voting Yes its the whales and their quantity of time that they bought being counted more…Their qty they bought say 3 days ago at rock bottom is beging counted MORE than those that have less which is WRONG. a vote should count 1=1 or maybe a head shot at the end of the vote should be counted not the weighted amount should be the deciding factor…neaning you bought 100 billinon of time like say yessterday? Guess what?! you vote counts as 1 small vote!

Please check out my proposal. Let’s build a coalition.

I took a look in Wonderland forum, and I think this is the most structured, accountable and applicable proposal for the moment. Have you already read it / voted? Take a look:

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