Proposal for Wonderland to repay the initial investment for all members and close the project

Alright everyone.

As the things are getting worse, it can definitely be seen that founders aka Sifu and Daniele don’t have much control over the Wonderland project anymore. No roadmap, no specific goals and deadlines, switching from one token to another, merging, unmerging etc.

Therefore, I suggest the idea of repaying everyone their initial investment and closing the project. The treasury right now makes 1m$ per day, so, with this money, everyone can be repaid in 1-2 months period.
Lets vote!

  • Yes, repay the initial investment to everyone and close the project
  • No, let the project to exist, without a clear goal and roadmap

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just to precise my answer : No, let the project exist with goal and roadmap :smiley:


There isn’t enough in the treasury. Look at the backing price compared to what people paid.

But I voted YES, on principle. This is turning into a shit show.


Yes please. Start with earliest investors.


if they do pay out i think it should be in stable coins


for sure, there is no other way around, I don’t want to receive useless wmemo

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This is terrible to see people act this way on a project that barely has left the ground.I trust the decision of Dani and Sifu to work and move this project forward and will give them more time to work on things .People all Good as long as is good but when price drops you freaking scared .HOLD and see what Dani and Sifu will do .This proposal is a darm sabotage and wish there was a button to flag this …a FUD


I am not saying about the treasury money. I a saying that they are making 1m per day with their fund right now. I think they should use this money to repay all holders every day, until everyone is repaid, starting from those, who invested first!


100% agree, I am 80% down

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I got in at $8500, then at $5600, then at $4500. I jumped out at $2800 and then back in at $1950 and $950 and $466.

They won’t use the treasury or earnings to pay people off who suffered one kind of loss as it would give rise to infinite law suits.

This is FUD and should be removed… you fudders, whiners, and complainers should exit your positions. As an investment you know the risks associated, you will not be paid back and you kind kindly sell your memo to us believers in the long term vision. Thanks


would be great to exit the position, but I got liquidated, been holding since november and never sold a penny. I want my money back!

Or, we could make a long-term plan to repay the initial investment, with a clear business plan and roadmap, risk management, and better organization? Who wins if we close the project now?


You’re missing the point, the newest WIP to combine abra and wonderland is literally forcing people to exit their positions at an ATL when they don’t want to and would rather hold and take part in profit sharing. Telling people to exit their positions when they don’t want to because they would rather hold, not sell at a loss and hope to recoup lost money with profit sharing is what most wonderland investors want but potentially can’t do if the abra merger happens.

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100% agree. It would have to be at current value though.

Same. It’s the principle. If this merge goes through, I’m out. If Wonderland can stay its own entity with wmemo as the token, which is what I invested in with a one year timeline, then I’ll still ride it out. I didn’t put my money into SPELL. I put it into wmemo.

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Before you duck out, consider what abracadabra would be like with the liquidity injection from Wonderland. It could get the early mover advantage in what is going to become a gold rush. It is just one way to deploy the treasury of Wonderland, and it is strange. But it could be a stroke of genius.

What we are being allocated is 46% of Spell. If it turns out to be a lucrative project we could get a big multiple of our investment.

It is hard to see that happening from just the venture capital and farming of the DAO.

Please go and see how angry the Spell people are over on the abracadabra discord. They have interesting arguments, from the other side, about what a great deal we are getting. For example, a lot of our treasury is just LPs where one side of the LP is either TIME or wMEMO.

It is worth thinking about. Take some time to mull over the situation.

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Or I could take a pic of my next bowel movement, turn it into an nft and we can allocate our treasury into that. If I wanted SPELL, I would’ve bought SPELL.

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They DO have a roadmap, and we’re on Phase 4. Facts only plz, kkthnxbai.
It looks like the merger was already planned before the whale attack happened, and this is just bad timing but the merger can’t be delayed because of the whale attack. Please DYOR.

Thats kind of the idea of revenue share…