PROPOSAL: Full forensic audit before any funds are reimbursed

If wonderland ends up being dissolved and the treasury distributed to holders, we first need a full forensic audit to make sure that none of the team members of wonderland/abracadabra/popsicle are personally benefiting financially. In addition, we need clarity on the real value of the treasury, including any and all investments made thereof. It is also important that we carefully investigate all the funds that have been depleted from the treasury during the last weeks.


100% this!
also whats happening to BSGG if wonderland is dissolved?


Attempts to put everything under the bed and disolve quickly is to cover tracks. Not sure who the bad guys are anymore, audit would show which accounts drained the treasury and perhaps we can identify them. No upfront data would suggest insiders had their hand in the cookie jar however whether it was Sifu is still an open topic… He was sacrifised although he managed funds well from alpha perspective (again unless we have bullshit data all along…) NTG b4 they release all Wonderland connected transactions - even if they would without explanation it will be a big challenge to get to the bottom of it…

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There are professionals for this kind of audits

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100%, liqudating the treaury feels like liqudating the evidence.


Maybe. Its all supposed to be there on the blockchain but it would probably be a lot harder to make sense of everything if it was dissolved.


basically all you need the auditor for is to confirm the adresses and counterparties… RELIABLE… numbers? frogs can crunch them faster then any auditor… If there was trust this would be optional (externals helping)… Nowadays its a primal survival need 4 frogs… Yet frogs have to organise and demand their own… Personal opinion - good VC like deal flow due to community is now out and “suitlike” treasury mngmt outsourced makes no sense…

I agree. 100 % transparency is needed here. Just like the merger needs to be stopped and a full audit to take place. Its extremely suspect timing. In the finance world I believe they could be arrested for insider trading for merger proposal as its happening.


If we ourselves hire say 0xguard or Certik, there should be no conflict of interest. In any case this hinges on whether wonderlnd will continue to operate. Even if it does, a full external audit would be in order. I think it is safe to say at this point that the trust is gone. The first thing we would need to do is set up an external website where we can co-ordinate our efforts, in case insiders start to censor this forum. Finally I want to say that we absolutely must not let them simply walk all over us like we are developmentally challenged minors. It is our money, we must protect our own investment. I am sure that if we get enough support from the community, we can easily raise the neccessary funds.


In addition, we need to consider not only what is in the treasury at this time, but also all the profits and investments that have been generated by the treasury, for example have funds been used to finance the sushiswap deal. etc. If so, all that money belongs to us.

Yes I totally agree, we need transparency on everything and documentation, and an audit needs to be done annually. But I am nervous some Wales can outvote 10,000 people. I am not sure if Wonderland will survive.


Maybe not. But the funds are there. and they are ours.

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I dont think any money should be leaving until a full audit is complete and released for everyone to study and ask questions on.


Approved when can we vote. This should be at a minimum.

Looks like danny boy has already given up

Dani, Sifu and others will have a difficult life if they don’t make good on people’s original investments, so I hope they do. To explain how I understand a refund, it’s not any lost gains, nor leverage or any other fancy stuff, just a refund the original amount which the holder invested into the platform. So we not get our promised gains, but just our capital investment. Yes, this was an investment and investments carry a risk, but investors here never received full disclosure, many things were not explained or understandable and the goals were always changing at rapid speed, so no transparency. Communications? A joke!

There exists an international network of investigators who would jump on this matter, ruining Dani, Sifu and Co’s business activities for ever. It would take 10 mins to file a report. It would also severely tarnish the crypto community and encourage even more government oversight.

Daniele Sestagalli this is your chance!


Thing is no one had a contract with them, what legal justification do you have to demand that? The always stated the price can go below the back price. I dont agree with spending treasury money giving buy backs for a market drop. We need to protect the treasury at all costs. And believe me I fee others pain, I have lost a lot already but that just isn’t feasibly giving free money. I am still hold and didnt sell anything.

Well, Dani lives in Switzwerland. Unlike most countries, Switzerland has a sound legal framework for cryptos. So that would be a good place to start.

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Law doesnt work like that @plarres. You buy at your own risk and stake and leverage at your own risk

Depends on what country you are in: Switzerland, where Dani lives, has very sound crypto legislation.

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