PROPOSAL: Give the remaining holders the chance to get their original investment back

YES! Can we make this happen?

I totally agree with this. If I lost money because of the market, that’s one thing. But one of the biggest selling points for Wonderland was that backing price would prevent major losses. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, of being down maybe 50%, many of us holding from late autumn of last year are now down 80-90% and will probably lose more once the obviously manipulated vote for dissolving Wonderland passes.

Agree the proposal! Should be happen

Yes This is the only way. a snap shot after sifu vote is the dumbest idea…how did that get so far?

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Does your proposal include all wmemo/memo holders pre liquidation crash regardless if they are still holding now??

Fully support this but it needs to be done properly. Put in place a governance or management committee and proper strong business fundamentals. So that everything is transparent and we’re all aligned.
Just like this discussion: Bastion Trading/Skyhopper + Management Committee

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Sorry, let me clarify the timing… I was buying & holding memo for the past 6-8 months & held my wmemo through the liquidation crash (not leveraged) but finally sold a couple days ago for 60-70% loss. Would this be included in proposal?

So, you are saying that if you sold to retain 20% of original investment, you deserve nothing.
But if you are still holding while retaining 10% of your investment, you deserve to be refunded?

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It’s Wonderland, we’re all mad here.

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If you sold…you sold. We all held on at the risk of getting $0. A risk you obviously were not prepared to take


So, I should buy more now & double down?? Get “refunded” back @ 100K+ pricing just like the whales are going to do (which are the ones to created this & already have all of our money)? When snapshot?? my address would only be missing for 3 days in the past 8 months…

Wonderland has only been around since September… your statements confuse me.

well…if you think its worth the risk…sure! If i thought it was worth the risk i would do it too

So I have put in around 4k over a matter of 2 months and is now worth 750 does that mean that I would get back all of the 4k



nobody knows. No valuations or prices have been agreed upon

That’s right! The whole market tanked, and I didn’t see anyone stealing money from wonderland. Game over for those who cashed out early. You made your investment choice. Current investors get to decided on what to do with the leftover money.

I’m just worried about new people buying now wanting to profit.


if you thought it was a sure thing…youd would buy now too. But you dont think its a sure thing…so you dont. This is how whales are thinking. Just because they have more money dosent mean they know more than you.

I have hodled along, but on 17/1 I sent my wmemo to a time address but it wasnt blocked, Dani replied on 21/01 on Twitter and said it was being looked into with the burn to refund cases “we wont let you dry ser” but this has all blown up and it has not been resolved yet…here is the transaction details,
txd hash - 0x2340c1c2a3c23ec883a6c5fd0c34981771e216b253102804dcff9d796cdae059

Based on current stated treasury balance on website is (683,041,006) / total supply of $time (1,1550,830) leaves approx. $590 per $time. This would be the max I think anyone could hope for if dissolved unless I am missing something?